7 Best 18-Inch Chainsaw to Buy in 2024

Are you eager to lay your hands on the best 18-inch chainsaw the market offers? Not sure which model to get to completely suit your wood cutting needs and stay within the tight budget you are operating on? This detailed guide will tell you everything you need to know about the 7 best 18-inch products for a reasonable price.

Take the time to read it carefully to learn how electric, gas, and battery-powered chainsaws differ and which will be the most suitable choice for tackling specific gardening and landscaping chores.

Top 7 Best 18-Inch Chainsaw Models Reviewed by Experts

  1. WORX WG304.2 – Best Overall
  2. WEMARS WS-5218G – Best Gas
  3. Black and Decker CS1518 – Best Budget Pick
  4. Husqvarna 970515528 445 – Best Heavy-Duty
  5. Sun Joe 18 in. 14 – Best Electric
  6. EGO CS1800 – Best Cordless
  7. Oregon CS1500 – Best Electric with Self-Sharpening Properties

See my updated best 18-inch chainsaw review below for detailed information on the 7 most efficient and reliable models available on the market today.

1. WORX WG304.2 – Overall Best 18-Inch Chainsaw for Moderate-to-Heavy Cutting Around Your Property

This powerful 18-inch electric beauty by WORX is an all-rounder of the chainsaw world and something making many homeowners incredibly happy. Unless yours is a heavily wooded, large-sized lot that requires regular attention, this 18-in chainsaw should be a solid pick for your needs. Lightweight and sturdily built, it can do some accurate and clean cutting for a prolonged time.

I‘d recommend it for taking down moderately sized trees up to 17 inches in diameter. However, it is also the right tool if you need to clear shrubs, cut up firewood, chop off limbs, and make your yard neat.

WORX WG304.2 is an efficient and functional electric chainsaw with a robust 15 Amp motor. Weighing just a little over 11lbs, it is super easy to hold and handle for vertical and horizontal use. The auto-lubrication system works like a dream, and the tool-free chain tensioning is the best I have seen in years. Thanks to the handy kickback guard and highly responsive chain brake, this particular WORX model stands out in the safety department as well.
If you are looking for an overall best 18 chainsaw and do not mind it being electric-powered, this one should be your #1 choice. It delivers consistently high, almost professional-level results for a very reasonable, budget-friendly price.

  • Superb power/torque balance;
  • Lightweight and perfect for first-time users;
  • Patented auto-tensioning feature;
  • Sturdy and durable design with plenty of ergonomics in it;
  • Affordable price.
Could be better:
  • The brake feels too sensitive; easy to hit by accident as the handguard is too close to the handle.

2. WEMARS WS-5818G Gas Chainsaw – Best 18-Inch Gas Chainsaw with Excellent Price/Quality Ratio

No products found.

If you are after power above all, you are guaranteed to like the WEMARS WS-5818G 18-inch gas chainsaw. Even though I am not a big fan of saws operating on gasoline, I have to admit that this model offers some great value for very modest money.

Despite the usual drawbacks specific to all gas chainsaws like high noise level and emission of toxic fumes, this one is a fantastic combination of top-notch performance and usability. Its 18-inch bar driven by a 2-stroke, 58cc engine provides enough power and cutting capacity to slice through some seriously tough pieces of wood quickly and without hesitation. Besides, this lightweight and ergonomic WEMARS chainsaw fires up easily and stays well-balanced throughout the cutting session, making it a suitable option for novice users.

I was honestly impressed with how feature-packed this product turned out to be. You usually would not expect a budget gas saw to have so many bells and whistles, but not with this baby. The WEMARS WS-5818G boasts an automatic lubrication system, an easy pull starting system with electronic ignition, a quick-release air filter, a low kickback safety function, and more.

In all, the WEMARS WS-5818G gas chainsaw is an ideal workhorse for most common gardening chores. It has enough power and blade capacity to take down moderately thick trees, prune tree limbs, and brush. The best part is that this versatile and easy-to-handle saw will not cost you a bundle.

  • Powerful performance;
  • Budget price;
  • Lightweight and easy to start.
Could be better:
  • Noisy.

3. Black and Decker CS1518 Electric Chainsaw – Best-Priced Electric Chainsaw 18 Inch

This Black and Decker CS1518 model isn’t even as versatile and powerful as some of the more expensive electric chainsaws like those manufactured by STIHL. However, it can still tackle certain serious and highly demanding tasks, such as cutting through logs and trees up to 18 inches thick.

If you need a reliable and inexpensive sawing tool for occasional outdoor use in your yard, you are guaranteed to benefit from this one. This model cuts really well and can be comfortably used on high branches thanks to its small weight and compactness. The chain is sharp and stays that way for a long time, so you won’t have to bother re-sharpening it too often.

The feature pack of this Black and Decker is more than sufficient for a low-priced cord-powered saw in the 18’’ category. Here, you will find everything from a chain brake and low-kickback bar to a tool-less chain tensioner and automatic chain oiler. The CS1518 packs a decent punch with its durable 15-Amp motor and won’t leave you lacking in power at the worst possible time.

  • Powerful motor for smooth, clean, and fast cutting;
  • Tool-less chain tensioning;
  • Automatic chain oiler;
  • Quiet operation;
  • Affordable price.
Could be better:
  • The cord needs to be purchased separately.

4. Husqvarna 970515528 445 18″ Gas Chainsaw – Best 18-Inch Chainsaw for Heavy-Duty Tasks

No products found.

The Husqvarna 445 is a reliable and durable gas-powered saw belonging to the semi-professional class of gas saws, part of the homeowner lineup by the world-famous brand. This 45.7cc, 2.8 horsepower chainsaw can tackle medium to heavy cutting tasks. I would recommend investing in this small but powerful gas saw to those who plan to do intense but infrequent work like pruning odd branches and prepping logs for use as firewood.

When it comes to felling trees of under 12 inches in diameter, nothing can beat the Husqvarna 445 in speed, precision, and ease of use. It might get a bit more time-taking if the wood you need to cut is between 12 and 16 inches. In this case, the best thing to do is to have enough patience and let the chainsaw do its job.

The Husqvarna 445 offers a surprisingly varied set of features for a low-priced gas model. Here you will find everything from an automatic oiler, chain tensioning, and anti-vibe systems to a smart start, quick-release air filter, and chain brake. In general, this Husqvarna product is a robust and handy tool engineered with safety in mind. It is perfectly balanced, lightweight, and easy to start in cold and hot weather. If you are seeking almost professional quality within a modest budget, I will go with Husqvarna 445.

  • Durable and efficient motor with X-Torq technology that reduces emission;
  • Solid build; long-lasting and ergonomic design;
  • Lightweight and portable;
  • Chain tensioning and anti-vibe systems;
  • Excellent safety parameters.
Could be better:
  • Unadjustable oil release system.

5. Sun Joe 18 in. 14 Amp Electric Chainsaw SWJ701E – Best 18 Chainsaw with Electric Operation for Light-to-Moderate Cutting

If you are willing to sacrifice maneuverability for consistent and easy operation, the Sun Joe SWJ701E 18-inch electric chainsaw could be the right product for you. While not the top-performing power tool out there, the saw still packs a surprising punch and can cut through wood with a diameter of up to 16 inches. Its excellent and highly ergonomic design makes handling the saw simple and allows users to cut precisely without putting too much effort.

The Sun Joe SWJ701E offers a hefty range of features to cut thick branches, logs, and firewood more efficiently. The most outstanding characteristics found in the chainsaw include an automatic oiler, hand guards, safety lock button, chain brake, and more.

While all the regular advantages of an electric saw are less maintenance, reduced noise levels, lack of toxic fumes, and others, I have found that the Sun Joe SWJ701E has some drawbacks. The most disappointing one is that you should use tools to keep the chain properly tensioned for optimal performance. Even though that isn’t too much work for many, some new users can find it tricky. Also, unless you drain the tank after each usage, you may sometimes have issues with oil leaking during storage.

  • Lightweight and reasonably powerful;
  • Excellent cutting precision;
  • Automatic oiling;
  • Easy to start and use;
  • Good price.
Could be better:
  • Tensioning the chain requires tools.

6. EGO 18″ Cordless Chainsaw CS1800 – Best 18 In Chainsaw with Cordless Operation

The EGO CS1800 is more than just an extra 2-inch improvement from the previous 16-inch model – it is a saw with better performance, enhanced safety characteristics, improved ergonomics, and overall smoother operation. The only thing that has not changed much is a quite competitive price.

If you only need a chainsaw for performing mild-to-moderate tasks around your garden, you surely will not be disappointed with this battery-powered cordless EGO saw. As far as cordless saws are concerned, the EGO CS1800 model is up there with the best. The feature set is nothing short of excellent, too. An auto tensioning system lets you tighten the chain with a simple twist of a dial, automatic chain lubrication, a kickback brake with an indicator that lights up red when the brake is engaged, and LED headlights to give you plenty of illumination when needed.

  • Fantastic chain speed and cutting power;
  • Tool-less chain tensioning;
  • Durable brushless motor for extended runtime and longer tool life;
  • LED headlights for improved visibility in poor lighting conditions;
  • A well-balanced distribution of weight for easy handling;
  • Affordable price.
Could be better:
  • Not as powerful as 18-inch gas-powered models;
  • Replacement batteries are costly.

7. Oregon CS1500 Electric Chainsaw – Best 18 In Chainsaw with Self-Sharpening Properties

If you are a first-time buyer looking for a safe, powerful, and inexpensive tool packed with a wide range of exciting features, the Oregon CS1500 is an excellent product to consider. It is a sturdily built and reliable instrument perfect for carrying out light-to-medium cutting tasks like felling, bucking, limbing, and cutting firewood. Obviously, you will require access to a power point to use it, which means less maneuverability and portability. However, these restrictions aside, the CS1500 should not disappoint you with its hard-working and ease of manipulating.

Despite its democratic price, this well-designed and properly balanced chainsaw has a delightful variety of features you cannot find in some more expensive models. For example, tool-less chain tensioning, an automatic oiler, a chain brake, etc.

The unique feature that stands out from this product from its competitors is the self-sharpening system and sharp cutting throughout the entire session, and fewer maintenance efforts for the user. No need to remove the chain or disassemble the saw whenever it goes dull – it gets back to being extra-sharp with a single lever pull! For inexperienced users, it is a huge benefit.

  • Innovative self-sharpening system;
  • Lots of cutting power;
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design with an over mold handle;
  • Instant start;
  • Quiet, fume-free cutting experience.
Could be better:
  • The saw consumes a lot of bar chain oil.

Buying Guide for Choosing the Proper 18-Inch Chainsaw

Chainsaws are the most versatile cutting tools. They can be used for various tasks, from felling trees to trimming branches and cutting firewood.
There are many different types of chainsaws available on the market, so it is important to choose the right one. For example, if you are looking to cut down a tree, you will need a different chainsaw than if you are going to trim branches.

By using this buying guide, you can find out how to choose an 18-inch chainsaw that will be perfect for the job at hand.

18 Inch Chainsaw In The Work

How Many Links in an 18-Inch Chainsaw Chain?

If you’re looking to buy a chainsaw, you’ll need to know how long the chain is. The length of the chain will determine how much cutting power it has.
An 18-inch chainsaw chain will have 56 links, which is the standard size for most chainsaws. The length of the chain is critical, but so is the width. It determines how thick of a log it can cut through.

If you’re unsure what size chainsaw you need, it’s always best to consult with professionals. They will help you choose the right size for your needs.

How Many Cutters Are on an 18-Inch Chainsaw Chain?

Most 18-inch chainsaw chains have between 40 and 60 cutters. The number of cutters is determined by the manufacturer and is based on the specific model of saw.

Chainsaw Maintenance and Care

Chainsaws are one of the most helpful tools you can have in your arsenal, but they require proper care and maintenance to function properly. Here are a few tips on how to keep your chainsaw in top condition:

  1. Keep the chain sharp – A dull chain will not only make your saw less effective, but it can also be dangerous. Be sure to sharpen your chain regularly with a file or grinder.
  2. Keep the bar and chain oiled – Oiling the bar and chain is essential for keeping your chainsaw running smoothly. Check the oil level often and top it off as needed.
  3. Clean the air filter – A dirty air filter can restrict airflow to the engine, causing it to run hotter and potentially damaging it. Clean the air filter regularly with soap and water.
  4. Check the spark plug – A fouled or damaged spark plug can cause starting and running problems for your chainsaw. Check the condition of the spark plug regularly and replace it if necessary.
  5. Don’t forget about safety – Always wear proper safety gear, including gloves, goggles, and ear protection when using your chainsaw. Never use your saw when you are under drugs or alcohol.
  6. Always read the owner’s manual before using your chainsaw. It will help you understand how to operate and maintain your saw properly.

By following these simple tips, you can keep your chainsaw in good repair and ensure it runs smoothly and safely.

Do You Need a Chainsaw Sharpener?

If you’re a chainsaw user, then you know how important it is to keep your saw sharp. A dull saw can not only be dangerous, but it can also make your job a lot harder. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in a good chainsaw sharpener.

There are a lot of different chainsaw sharpeners on the market, so it’s better to do your own research before purchasing one. You definitely would like to find a sharpener that is easy to use and does its job efficiently.

In addition to finding a good chainsaw sharpener, you must also ensure you’re using it properly. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when sharpening your saw:

  • Make sure that the chain is at the correct tension. If it is too loose, it can come off the saw while you’re using it.
  • Next, find the right angle to sharpen the chain. The angle will vary depending on the type of chain you’re using.
  • Once you’ve found the right angle, you need to apply pressure evenly as you sharpen the chain.
  • Finally, once the chain is sharpened, check the tension and ensure it’s still at the correct level.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to keep your chainsaw sharp and safe for years to come!


A lot of research should be done before purchasing a chainsaw that perfectly suits your experience and needs. Below you will find the most common questions people ask when buying 18-inch chainsaws.

What is the best 18-inch chainsaw?

I find that the best all-around chainsaw is WORX WG304.2. Of course, there is no such thing as the best chainsaw since everything depends on what you plan to do with it and how proficient you are.

What size chain goes on an 18-inch chainsaw?

Every chainsaw is different, so it’s better to check the user manual to ensure you’re buying a chain of the correct size. Alternatively, you can ask a professional for help to figure it out.

How big of a tree can an 18-inch chainsaw cut?

Professionals recommend using the following rule: Bar length minus 2 inches = width of the tree that the chainsaw can safely handle. Do not try cutting trees that are thicker than the chainsaw’s bar length because the blade can get stuck, and you can injure yourself.

Closing Thoughts About 18-Inch Chainsaws

As you can see, there are various options for you to choose from when you plan on buying an 18-inch chainsaw. You can pick an electric or a gas-powered chainsaw, or you can even opt for a battery-powered one.

18 inches is an ideal length for a chainsaw bar, allowing you to handle many different tasks. Select wisely and always ensure you follow all the safety precautions!

Have you ever used a battery-powered chainsaw? What do you think is the most versatile bar length? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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