Best Chainsaw Chains and Useful Buying Tips

Whether used for commercial purposes or home tasks, a chainsaw remains a valuable tool, especially for those people living outside the city. A durable chainsaw is useful for pruning and trimming the branches easier and more efficiently.

If you are going to use a chainsaw, a quality chainsaw chain is one of the essential accessories you should have. However, if you use a poor-quality chainsaw chain, you will have to put more effort into work, still getting weak quality cuts and an overheated chainsaw.

Low-quality chains are also known for getting blunt very fast. A blunt chainsaw chain exposes you to the risk of physical injuries resulting from kickback of the chain. This is not an experience anyone looks forward to.

However, getting the best chainsaw chain is not an easy process. You have to be aware of the features to look for and have time-proven brands in mind. For example, before buying a chain for your chainsaw, you need to determine the material that you plan to cut with the tool. Every chain has unique capabilities, so you must decide on the uses of the machine before buying a corresponding chainsaw chain.

I have a huge experience in gardening and logging and have used different cutting tools, including several chainsaws. Thus, I know how to select the best chain for a chainsaw and what are the most reliable options on the market.

Top Pick
Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain for...
Has a LubriTec oiling system.
Husqvarna 531300624 H4684 Chainsaw Chain
Very lightweight.
Husqvarna chainsaw chain 18-Inch .050...
Oregon S62 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain for...
Has a superb cutting power.

This is why, in this article, I review some of the best chainsaw chains. I will also advise on what to look for when buying a chain so that you go for a tool that will serve you well. Below, you can find a list of time-proven brands to consider for replacing the chainsaw chain.

Top List of the Best Chainsaw Chains


Here are the chainsaw chains I have personally used or that have proven to be durable ones. Also, these chains are among the top-rated models on the market and have great feedback.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain 18 – A Model without Slipping and Vibration

Husqvarna is known for manufacturing equipment for both home and professional use. The brand is famous for producing high-quality and efficient tools and accessories. So, if you want an 18-inch chainsaw chain manufactured by a reliable company, go for this Husqvarna 18-inch model.

This chain is five inches in length and one-inch-wide, and these measurements are a standard for most models. Thus, the item will perfectly fit your chainsaw when cutting and shaping wood. Also, the chain can be stretched up to eighteen inches. It can fit on numerous saws such as 339XP, 440, 346XP, and 45OE, among many others.

The chain is made of high-quality materials that prevent it from stretching when used for cutting wood. It remains compact and intact, thus, allowing you to cut through the wood without straining. This model won’t slip from the saw once you fit it. Hence, you can safely use your equipment.

Husqvarna chainsaw chain 18-Inch

This Husqvarna model is also very easy to install. You do not need any previous experience with fitting a chain on a saw and can replace a chain easily. Fit the chain on the double guard of your saw, then fasten the item, and start working. Also, I recommend lubricating the chain with some oil before using the tool to allow for smooth cuts and easy wood shaping.

The chain weighs only 11.2 ounces. It is very light compared to the saw itself. As the item does not add much weight to your equipment, you can work without getting tired from lifting the chainsaw. The chain does not result in vibrations at work, so you are assured of safety when working with your tool.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Does not slip or vibrate


  • A bit pricey compared to other chains
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Oregon Poulan S62 – A Durable 18 Inch Chainsaw Chain

The 18-inch Oregon Poulan S62 is long enough to fit chainsaws with big blades. Therefore, it is an ideal chainsaw chain replacement for brands such as Echo, Poulan, Homelite, and Craftsman.

Similar to other Oregon models, this 18 chainsaw chain has an innovative design that enables it to have minimal vibrations while in use. Also, the innovative Lubritec Oiling system makes oil retention longer. It also ensures that the chain is sufficiently lubricated for more efficient functionality and extended durability.

Oregon S62 chain

The design also features chrome-coated sharp cutters. They help to improve the cutting ability of the chain, while also making it easier to sharpen. This ensures you won’t have to spend much time sharpening the chain. This proves to be an important feature for those who want to make accurate and fast cuts even on the hardwood.

Every Oregon chainsaw chain guide mentions the cutting power of the Poulan S62. This feature allowed Oregon 18 to earn a good reputation among most users, and the great cutting power makes the item highly reliable for both small and medium-scale jobs.

The drive links of this Oregon chainsaw replacement chain S62 have been fitted with hardened rivets that increase the load-bearing. Such drive links allow for minimizing the wear and tear of the chain. This is further complemented by the low kickback design that improves your safety when using your chainsaw.


  • Has a superb cutting power
  • Suitable for chainsaws with large blades
  • Drive links have hardened rivets, which minimize the possibility of wear and tear
  • Fitted with an innovative Lubritec oiling system


  • May not be quite reliable when it comes to large-scale handling jobs
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Husqvarna 24 – A Very Light Husqvarna Chainsaw 435 Chain

If you have heard about a highly-popular and durable Husqvarna 350 chainsaw chain, you must have heard about this 24-inch chain as well. Like other high-quality chains made by Husqvarna, it can fit a wide range of chainsaw models. Some of the saws that it is compatible with include 385XP, 3120XP, 261, 380, and 262XP.

It has four drive links that allow for efficiency and compactness. With the 3/8-inch pitch and the 0.5-inch gauge, this chain can perform way better than any common item. It can fit any 24-inch chainsaw and enables the machine to perform tasks within the shortest time possible.

With this chain on, you will experience very low vibration while cutting. You may not even notice such movements most of the time. And with a low kickback feature, you are assured that the equipment will cut through wood smoothly and easily.

It is a durable chainsaw chain for commercial use, so you can note this model if you need an item for professional tasks. This is the best chainsaw chain to look for that will allow you to work on all the orders quickly.

With a weight of 15.2 ounces only, the chain is very light, thus, portable. You can carry it to the site with one hand if you are not going to work in your garage.


  • Very lightweight
  • Has four drive links that make it efficient
  • Produces a very low vibration
  • Can be sharpened easily


  • Pricey
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Oregon Chainsaw Chain S52 – An Item with Unique Cutting Blades

S52 is a 14 inch chainsaw chain also made by Oregon. This tool has a very high cutting precision. Therefore, you will not waste wood while working on a project. This chain allows precise and accurate cuts, so it is one of my favorite items available on the market.

I love the high precision rate this model ensures because it means that I can work with minimal efforts and achieve the desired results. With this chain, you can save a lot on the cost of materials because the chain reduces wastage by a significant rate.

Are you looking for uniqueness in addition to high precision? This chain is fitted with exclusive cutters. The cutters have been electroplated with chrome to make them stronger. Considering that the chrome is industrial material, thus, heavy-duty one, it enables the cutters to stay in good condition for a long time. Chrome won’t rust and is not prone to wear and tear.

Oregon S62 has an efficient oiling system common for 16 inch chainsaw chain models. The system helps in keeping oil close to the edges, where it is needed most, so the chain can cut through wood efficiently. The oiling supply also helps in enhancing the durability of the chain. Therefore, if you purchase this chain, make sure to lubricate it with oil to keep the tool in good condition for a long time.

Like other Oregon chains, the rivets of this model have also been hardened so that the equipment could cut through wood efficiently. Since the chain results in low vibrations, you can be assured that you will enjoy working on your tasks with this item.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Cuts with a high precision rate
  • Has unique cutting blades


  • Not efficient for big projects
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Oregon Cutting Systems R34 – Best Chainsaw Chain for Cutting Firewood

The eight-inch cutting system is another reliable option produced by Oregon company. It fits on Poulan and Remington chainsaws, as well as other similar 8-inch models. If you own such equipment, I profoundly recommend considering this item.

However, you need to note that this chain is manufactured for low-powered chainsaws. It can’t perform heavy-duty works, thus, not the best option for commercial use. But if you need a reliable chain for light professional tasks or home use, it will give you the service you need.

Since this Oregon R34 does not require a lot of power to run, the chain has a 0.43 gauge that enables it to cut more efficiently compared to general models. Also, the chain has a 3/8-inch pitch that also enhances its capabilities. The pitch also contributes to the chain’s ability to fit many brands of saws.

I like accessories that are compatible with many tools, and this is the case with Oregon R34. Therefore, I suggest going for this chain model if you need a durable item for your 8-inch chainsaw.


  • Fits on numerous eight-inch saws
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Won’t work for heavy commercial works
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Oregon S56 Chainsaw Chain – Durable Option with LubriTec Oiling System

If you are a fan of home and gardening equipment, you may have seen one or two products made by Oregon. This brand has a mission of allowing customers to achieve the best results with the help of Oregon tools. With such a great statement, you can confidently expect the best from this brand, and I can assure you that Oregon equipment and accessories won’t disappoint you.

The S56 chainsaw chain is efficient for saws with up to 42 hp. Therefore, when buying this item, you need to ensure that your machine’s efficiency does not exceed this number. If it does, I recommend considering another chainsaw chain for your equipment.

The chain has a low kickback, and it allows precise cuts even on wood. Oregon S56 also produces very low rates of vibration, thus, making it the best cutting chainsaw chain I have used so far.

According to the Oregon company, this chain is made for home use. It is efficient for cutting trees and other gardening works around your compound. Therefore, if you are looking for a chain for commercial use, you may consider other Oregon models that are made for that purpose. In this review, you can find some of the reliable Oregon chainsaw chains that you can go with for professional needs.

This Oregon S56 model has rivets that are hardened through induction to make them strong enough to resist wear and tear. It also allows the chain to operate more efficiently without overstretching. Also, the item has a chrome-plated cutter. Chrome enables the cutters to last for a long time without wearing out. Since you may use your equipment only a few times in a month, this chain will last you for a long time for sure.


  • Has a LubriTec oiling system
  • Weights 6.4 ounces only
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Very affordable


  • Not efficient for commercial use
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Oregon D70 – Time-Proven 20 Inch Chainsaw Chain

Oregon manufacturer understands that not every customer needs a 10 inch chainsaw chain. Therefore, they have designed this 20-inch chain for anyone who owns a saw of this size. The brand has ensured that no matter the length of the chainsaw, users can find corresponding replacement chains for their tools that allow efficient performance.

This Oregon D70 chain is a one-of-a-kind item with a low kickback, thus, suitable for anyone who uses a chainsaw both at home and for commercial needs. Also, the manufacturer has used its patented gauge to make the chain, so its’ design is unique. The gauge enables the cutters to cut through wood smoothly, thus, minimizing wastage.

As I have mentioned above, this chain fits in numerous 20-inch saws. Some of these include the CS-600P, TimberBear, and CS-590. The best way to know if this model is compatible with your machine is to check out your chainsaw’s manual before making a purchase.

The chain is made of high-quality materials that make it last longer. The chrome coated cutters are resistant to wear and corrosion. Therefore, with little oiling, they can stay sharp for quite a long time.


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install


  • Allows low vibration and minimal kickbacks
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Oregon D72 AdvanceCut 20 – Another Great Replacing Chainsaw Chain

Oregon is one of the oldest and most reliable brands in the production of chainsaw chains. Most people who have used their products will agree that they are stronger and sharper compared to similar options on the market.

What is more, Oregon specializes in making chainsaw chain replacements for other brands like Husqvarna, Poulan, Craftsman, Remington, and Stihl. No wonder that I have added many Oregon models in this review, and here is another Oregon D72 chain worth your attention.

The Oregon D72 model is a reliable low kickback chainsaw chain for both commercial and home use. With low vibration and great precision, it offers every user a smooth cutting experience. The low vibrations also ensure that the user does not need to strain to maintain the stability of a chainsaw. Low vibrations have been achieved thanks to a small space between the guide bar and saw chain. It plays the role of a shock absorber at work.

Another innovative feature of this item is the LubriTec oiling system. It is features grooves and ridges that work as a unit to deliver oil into the chain. This helps to effectively maintain the lubrication of the chain, while at the same time, minimize the amount of oil required to keep it in perfect condition.

This model is also made from OCS-01 steel that guarantees improved strength and extended life-line. It also features chrome-plated cutters, which stay sharp for a long time and have a perfect grip around the edges.


  • Affordable
  • Allows low vibrations
  • Made from steel material for improved strength and durability
  • Features a LubriTec oiling system that improves durability and minimizes the amount of friction while in use


  • Can be too long for some 20-inch saws
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Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain Replacement H80-72 – The Best Item for Hardwood

20 inch Husqvarna chainsaw chain H80-72 produced by another famous brand is the best chainsaw chain for hardwood. It fits a wide variety of machines made by Husqvarna, such as 380, 359, 257, 455 ranchers, 2100, 371, and 3120XP.

Besides fitting these models, it can be compatible with many other chainsaws, so I recommend checking this chain’s specifications before purchasing this item. The great thing is that the company has listed all the compatible chainsaw models in the instructions. If you have a rancher, the Husqvarna H80-72 chain would probably work for it.

This model allows for cutting through hardwood as easily as if you were working with plywood. That means that it makes smooth cuts, and it is not a problem for this chain to slice a piece of wood. Therefore, if you are looking for a chainsaw chain that will produce the exact shape and design that you want with minimal effort, you should go for this 20-inch model.

What I like about this item is that it is made for intense work without wearing out or breaking down. If you have a gardening business, or if you plan to cut wood on a large-scale basis at your garage, this Husqvarna H80-72 tool is your best pick. What is more, this chain is made of high-quality materials, so that it will last you for a long time.

With a weight of only 12 ounces, the chain is easy to carry. It will allow you to perform your tasks without making the chainsaw too heavy to handle. Hence, you are assured that the weight of the chain will not be a problem at work.


  • Can fit numerous saw models
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Efficient for cutting hardwood


  • Heavier than most similar chains
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Q&A about Chainsaw Chains

What is the best chainsaw chain to buy? What bulk chainsaw chain should you go for? How to find out the right fit for your chainsaw? These are the common questions you can find people asking on the web when it comes to chains. Some customers also don’t know how to replace chains on their machines. The problem is that most of these questions go unanswered. In some cases, customers fail to get satisfactory responses.

Therefore, here is one of the most widespread questions regarding chainsaw chains and my profound answers to them. If you have been looking for expert assistance to common questions, check out this helpful information.

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What to Look for When Buying a Chainsaw Chain?

best chainsaw chains

There is a wide range of chainsaw chains available on the market, and the specifics of each chainsaw mainly influenced it. However, irrespective of these differences, there are certain aspects of quality standards that each item should have, including:

  • Bar length

One of the most important features to consider when buying a chainsaw chain is the bar length of the chainsaw bar. It is the part of your equipment where the chain gets attached. In most cases, the bar length is between eight to thirty inches. This length will determine the size of the chain you need.

For maximum efficiency, the chain should cover the whole bar while leaving enough space for adjustments with a tensioner. This space is needed for comfortable movement of the chain across the bar. A loose chain also increases the risk of kickbacks, especially when used on hardwoods.

It is advisable to check the specifications of your tool to determine the right chainsaw chain size. However, if you don’t have the manual around, you can determine the bar length by measuring it from the end to the point it is seen from the chainsaw. YouTube videos on how to measure a bar length and how to put a chain on a chainsaw can help you with these specifics.

  • Gauge

Gauge means the size in terms of thickness of the drive links holes, whereby the drive sprocket teeth enter. The holes help to maintain the chain in place, so the chain’s gauge should match the drive sprocket teeth size. This will enable teeth to effectively lock one another and minimize the possibility of vibrations and kickbacks.

Getting the right match on the gauge will also help you to improve the performance and efficiency of your chainsaw. In most cases, the size of the gauge varies from 0.5 inches to about 0.63 inches. However, to find out the right size, check out your chainsaw’s manual.

  • Drive links

This is an important element when determining the chain’s length. To find out the chain’s length, count the number of drive links and ensure you get a chain with a similar amount.

These drive links help in facilitating the functionality and rotation of your chain. They also influence the type of work your chainsaw can handle. In most cases, chains with drive links of about 1.1 millimeters are suitable for home use. On the other hand, those with a thickness of between 1.5 and 1.6 millimeters are great for professional use.

  • Cutter design

The cutter designs vary depending on the specifics of usage. As such, chainsaw chain types include low-profile cutters, full chisel cutters, and semi-chisel cutters. For selecting the right cutter design for your needs, you have to ensure the chain is strong enough to handle the kind of work required. For instance, when selecting my last chain, I decided on chrome-hardened cutters because they are more durable and easier to sharpen.

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What is the Best Chainsaw Chain Brand?

best chainsaw chains

I have picked these chainsaw brands by keeping several aspects in mind, such as the materials the item can cut, the chain length, and its performance. Based on these aspects, I have picked a few brands in terms of quality and reliability in performance. These brands include:

  • Stihl

This is a German-based company that produces some of the most innovative and reliable chainsaw chains. It is on of the top sellers of chainsaw chains in the world.

The company is also famous for its innovative oiling system present in their chains. This is a design feature made to ensure that there is maximum lubrication on every part of the chain. This minimizes the extent of stretching when the tool is in use, thus, extending its lifespan. The quality of each item is also enhanced by the chrome-coated solution for making the chains.

  • Oregon

This brand is very popular among many chainsaw users. Almost everyone has utilized their chains at one point in their lives. Oregon company has a huge customer base in every part of the world. Its key competitive advantages include the LubriTec oiling system, hard-chromed cutters, and the wide variety of models available.

  • Husqvarna

This company mainly specializes in making power equipment such as chainsaws, tractors, and mowers. However, it also produces durable accessories for such equipment. However, Husqvarna chainsaw chain replacement is suitable for Husqvarna products only.

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What Size of Chainsaw Chain Do I Need?

As earlier mentioned, the chainsaw chain length is mainly determined by the length of the chainsaw bar. This length can be obtained from your tool’s manual. You can also determine the right size of your chainsaw chain by counting the number of drive links on the old chain you are seeking to replace. Ensure that the new chain you buy has a similar number of drive links.

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 What Chainsaw Chain to Use for Hardwood?

The cutter design of the item should be one of the main characteristics to note when deciding on the right chain for cutting hardwood. In this respect, the full-chisel cutters are ideal for those looking for cutting hardwood.

However, their main drawback is full-chisel cutters get dull quickly. This implies a higher risk of kickbacks as well. However, high-quality semi-chisel cutters, such as the Oregon S56 model, can also work on the hardwood.

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How Long Does a Chainsaw Chain Last?

The durability of a chainsaw chain is mainly determined by the quality of item bought and the proper maintenance. For instance, Stihl and Husqvarna chains are widely known for their durability.

Moreover, regular maintenance of your chainsaw chain will help to prolong its high-quality performance. This entails activities such as sharpening the cutters, tightening the chain, and regularly replacing the lubricant. If you are not sure how to do it, you can search for video guides on how to tighten a chainsaw chain.

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 What Do the Numbers on a Chainsaw Chain Mean?

chainsaw chains

When determining the right chain size, you need to perform several measurements. They include:

  • Pitch

This refers to the distance between the chain links. The most common pitch measurements you will encounter is the 3/8-inch low profile that is common for home-use chainsaws.

  • Gauge

It relates to the drive link’s thickness. The most common gauge is 0.050 inches. However, there are others, such as 0.043, 0.058, and 0.063 inches.

  • Number of drive links

Manually counting the drive links on your chain will help you determine its exact length. In reality, the number of your chain’s pitch and drive links is specified on the tool.

Closing Remarks on Finding a Top Replacement Chainsaw Chain

It is not possible to deny the importance of a chainsaw tool at home, especially for those living outside the city. You can use this equipment for splitting firewood, but each tool has its level of efficiency and application. If you want to enjoy the high-quality performance of your chainsaw, it is important to select and properly maintain the right chain for your tool.

The common maintenance practices include chainsaw chain replacement as it is important to do if you want to improve and keep the performance level of your chainsaw. However, with chainsaw chains, the replacement process is not that simple because most brands do not manufacture replacement accessories. This places you in some dilemma as you will have to undergo the daunting process of finding an ideal chain for your equipment.

Therefore, in this review, I have provided you with useful information on the best chainsaw chains on the market. Based on this article, you can look for the right model manufactured by reliable brands such as Stihl, Oregon, and Husqvarna. It does not mean that other brands do not provide reliable chains. However, it can be harder to find a suitable option among other manufacturers.

The most important thing to keep in mind is what factors to look for when buying a chainsaw chain. These factors include a gauge that relates to the chain’s drive links thickness, bar length, drive links, and cutter design.

For better performance of your chainsaw, the chain’s gauge should be the same as that of your guide bar. On the other hand, the drive links can be used in determining the length of your chain. This involves simply counting the drive links manually and getting a replacement chain with a similar number. The size of the chain can also be determined by measuring the length of the bar, which can be obtained from the chainsaw’s manual.

Chainsaws also differ in the type of material they can cut. Some are good for cutting wood only, while others can be used for wood and ceramic. Before getting the right chain for your tool, you need to determine what type of material you will be cutting most of the time. This way, you will select a chain that will work perfectly for your needs.

Based on this information, which of the chainsaw chain brands would you consider buying? Have you used any of the chains mentioned above? If yes, did it serve you as expected?

Let me know in the comments below!

My ultimate goal is to provide insights that will help you effectively determine whether this or that tool or product suits your needs/budget or not. I test out home improvement tools at work on a daily basis and enjoy sharing my knowledge with D.I.Y-ers who have similar questions to the ones I used to have. I realize how important choosing the right tools is, that’s why my approach to every review I publish is very responsible.

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