5 Best Chainsaw for a Woman to Buy in 2024

A chainsaw is a necessary tool for gardeners. They may use it to make firewood for the stove and barbecue, prune trees, construct arbors, etc. A long time ago, people used only hand saws and hacksaws, but thanks to technological advances, today it is possible to purchase an excellent chainsaw. It seems that chainsaw and woman are an inherent contradiction, but they can work well together if specific rules are followed. So, what is the best chainsaw for a woman?

Top 5 Best Chainsaws for a Woman

  1. WORX WG322 — Our Top Pick
  2. Wiscky Mini Chainsaw — Great Value
  3. WGreenworks 40V — Premium Peak
  4. BEI & HONG Mini Chainsaw
  5. SOYUS Mini Chainsaw

Low-power chain saws are the most suitable for women’s hands because they are lightweight and have slight vibration. Women usually do garden work, so more powerful saws are not needed for these tasks. What is the best chainsaw for a woman to use? You will find detailed reviews of 5 reliable chainsaws for women, helpful information about the desired model, and a table of pros and cons.

1. WORX WG322 Chainsaw — Top Pick

This model is potent as it contains as much as 3.2 horsepower (About 2300 watts). Compared to other products on the list, this chainsaw is a monster. Its dimensions are not that big (25 x 7.5 x 9.5 inches), but there is a chance that a relatively physically weak person might not be able to handle this product. Nevertheless, this model is a perfect value for money.

Initially, this chainsaw seemed childish to me because its size was just ridiculous, but as soon as I started working with wood, I realized how powerful this model was. I recommend buying it if you do not have enough physical strength, and there is quite a lot of work in the countryside. Definitely, I recommend buying it.

  • Very powerful and effective;
  • Easy to operate (simply turn the toggle switch to turn off the desired speed);
  • Handy handles to work with;
  • Only one battery is needed to work.
Could be better:
  • Not light enough because of a relatively massive engine.

2. Wiscky Mini Chainsaw Cordless — Great Value

It’s practically a hand tool. I could not find any information about this company at all, so I can’t say anything good or bad about the reputation of the goods. Obviously, it is inferior to the first model in terms of power, but it has its advantages. I had a chance to test out this saw and was satisfied with how it works. If you don’t need to saw huge logs, but just some reeds or a small tree. The diameter of the handle is quite small, so we can say that this is the best chainsaw for a small woman.

A mini chainsaw can quickly dissipate heat. The built-in control circuit board has an overload protection function, and the motor will automatically stop working when it is overheated, making you more assured and safer to use. In addition, a pure copper motor is used, which is potent enough.

  • Lightweight;
  • Comfortable to hold in your hand;
  • Both corded and battery powered.
Could be better:
  • Pretty weak engine.

3. Greenworks 40V Chainsaw — Premium Pick

It’s a pretty oversized chainsaw; not sure it’s suitable for all women. In addition to its relatively large size, it weighs a lot (10.36 pounds), and the power is not that good. Compared to the first model, its horsepower is slightly smaller.

It has an automatic oiler delivering proper chain lubrication and increasing productivity. In this respect, the saw matches the manufacturer’s claims — it’s easy to operate. Also, it has a push-button start, no gas or fumes, no carburetor, no spark plug, and no starter rope. It’s the best option for women.

Despite the claimed power, I do not see much difference between the other reviewed models. This chainsaw is easy enough for a woman to operate, and the power is sufficient for all your needs. The main advantage of this model is the ability to work with almost any wood, regardless of the log’s diameter.

  • Not that high price;
  • Powerful enough.
Could be better:
  • Heavyweight compared to other models;
  • Big size (31 x 9 x 8.5 inches).

4. BEI & HONG Mini Chainsaw Cordless

No products found.

It’s another handheld chainsaw model, and it’s convenient because you don’t have to use two hands to cut. The lightness of the model allows even a child to handle this chainsaw, but I highly recommend not delegating logging tasks to a kid.

BEI & HONG is a company that is relatively new to the European market. During this time, the company has received excellent customer reviews and a fairly low risk of defects. It has an efficient and functional motor providing your tool with longer run-time, more torque, and power. When the temperature reaches 200°F, the engine automatically stops working to provide protection. Overheating protection leads to less wear and tear, extending the lifetime of the tool.

Some reviews made my opinion of this model a little worse, saying there is a high risk of getting a defective product. Nevertheless, my chainsaw did not show any flaws. This is an option for women searching for increased time for autonomous work.

  • Lightweight;
  • Long run time. A full battery charge lasts about an hour;
  • The safety button prevents the engine from starting.
Could be better:
  • Very hard to cut logs.

5. SOYUS Mini Chainsaw Cordless

At first, I thought this model was not significantly different from other one-handed chainsaws, but when I discovered its dimensions, I was slightly surprised. It weighs quite a lot, but a high power compensates for that.

I have not found enough information about SOYUS company on the Internet, so I cannot judge the customer base’s satisfaction. Nevertheless, after a year of use, my colleague has no complaints. As I understand, this is one of the few companies supporting worry-free service. I have never contacted customer support, but judging by the reviews, clients were satisfied.

Thanks to the powerful electric starter, the saw starts working as soon you push a single button. The batteries with 21 volts are easy to find, so you have no problem with maintenance. This saw came in handy for cutting branches in my garden; this product is quite good in terms of price/quality ratio.

  • Batteries charge very quickly;
  • Powerful ventilation.
Could be better:
  • Heavy enough compare to other handy tools;
  • 2 batteries for work are needed.

What to Look for When Choosing a Chainsaw for Women?

If you are a woman and need an assistant in the household, then the choice of a chainsaw should be thoughtful and serious. When selecting such a tool, you should consider all possible characteristics and carefully pick a model for your needs and physical capabilities.

Husqvarna X-Torq

Power and engine displacement

The power of the chainsaw is calculated in horsepower. By comparing gasoline and electric models, it is customary to indicate its kilowatts as this unit of measurement is an indicator of the power output. Of course, this parameter depends on the engine volume.

Let’s assume you need a chain saw for infrequent work at the homestead or in the household. You will certainly work not more than 2 — 3 hours a day. A woman will suit a low power model 0.7 to 2 kW. When it comes to large-scale works, for example, sawing a few cubic meters of slabs, trimming logs, preparing the material for the construction, or improving the urban landscape, work will take 3 — 5 hours. Thus, choosing a chainsaw with a power of 2.5 to 3 kW is better.

Bar length

This parameter determines the thickness of the log that can be sawn in one go. Again, this depends on what you want to do. Do you plan to cut down branches, tiny trees, or boards for private construction? Get a tool with a 9- to 14-inch rail. A compact tool will make it easier to manage, so you will spend less time and effort on each trunk.


Depending on engine displacement, dimensions and tire length determine the equipment weight. It makes sense that a light chainsaw is more comfortable for most women. But if you need a powerful, productive tool, you will have to sacrifice comfort. The weight of the professional model can reach 7 – 9 kg, and in amateur saws, this parameter is up to 4 — 5 kg.

Heavy Chainsaw In the Forest

Noise level

The sound of the working chainsaw harms the organs of hearing. The noise level of most chainsaws is usually 105 to 115 dB, and safety regulations prescribe wearing ear protectors when operating them. Now many manufacturers are trying to make chainsaws quieter. There are a number of models whose noise level does not exceed 100 dB.

For reference: a sound level of 100 dB is similar, for example, to the motion of a subway car or peals of thunder. This value is the maximum for the player’s headphones. So the technical specifications determine the capabilities of the chainsaw and the purposes for which it suits.

What is the Best Chainsaw for a Woman?

The best saw has to be high quality and reliable. Do not skimp on expensive chainsaws — losing your health with them is much more dangerous. The weight and power should be commensurate with your capabilities. If 10 pounds is too heavy for you, but the power is huge, think carefully if you need health issues in the future. You should also consider customer reviews before making your final choice about a good chainsaw for a woman.

You should pick a chainsaw up to 7.7 pounds; its power is more than enough for comfortable work. For more serious tasks, saws weighing 11—13 pounds are suitable. They load an operator, but quality components cannot be classified as light.

Working Woman With Chainsaw

Chainsaw Safety for Women

Be careful while using the device and follow all safety rules:

  • Stay alert, watch what you are doing, and use common sense when operating a power tool.
  • Do not use a power tool while you are fatigued or under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or drugs. It can cause serious injury.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. Too loose clothing, jewelry, or long hair can get caught in the moving parts of a working tool. Keep your hair, clothing, and gloves away from moving parts. Keep your hands dry, clean, and free of traces of oily substances.
  • Remove any adjusting and/or setting keys before turning on the power tool. A leftover wrench caught in moving parts of the power tool may cause the tool to break or cause serious injury.
  • Keep a safe balance. Use good support and always keep a securely balanced body. Proper support and balance allow you to control your power tool well in unexpected situations.
  • Use equipment that ensures your safety. Always wear safety glasses, respirator, non-slip safety boots, helmet, or headphones.

How to Maintain Your Chainsaw?

The most common chainsaw maintenance operation is sharpening the chain teeth. It is not necessary to remove the chain from the guide bar. The teeth are sharpened with a round file from different sides in alternating steps. Each tooth should be sharpened in the same number of strokes. A flat file is used to dress the kerf limiter of the garden equipment.

Chain lubrication is automatic. However, the oil supply is adjustable. When cutting dry hardwood, more oil is required. Softwood is being cut, and the oil flow is reduced when wet.

You should regularly check for an oil flow when the chainsaw is running. Its lack indicates that the oil tank is empty or the oil channel is clogged, and it requires cleaning the lubrication system.

The chainsaws need to be cleaned after use. Inspect the guide bar to ensure no tar buildup on it. Use kerosene to wash the guide bar. The chainsaw chain brake gets dirty with sawdust and other debris. You can also clean it with kerosene. Check if the chain brake is working properly before using a chainsaw.


If you’ve already decided on the best chainsaw for a woman to choose, you may still have a few questions. These are some of the most popular:

How lightweight do chainsaws come?

There are a huge number of chainsaws on the market in terms of weight and size. I have seen a saw with a weight of 1.54 pounds, but the power of such a tool is questionable.

Do you need to wear special gear when using a chainsaw?

Yes, absolutely. As written above, you should wear overalls and safety glasses every time you use your chainsaw. Also, special safety gloves are highly recommended for cut and impact protection. Such gear may save your health and fingers, so you shouldn’t neglect it.

What is the easiest chainsaw to use?

One-hand chainsaw. In fact, I have doubts about the safety of a one-handed chainsaw, but on most of these models, you just have to push a button to turn it on. Also, you should do some chain maintenance occasionally.

What Chainsaw is the Best for Women?

There are so many lightweights and fairly powerful chainsaws for women to cut small trees, etc. In my opinion, the WORX WG322 is the best small chainsaw for a woman. You can cut small branches of trees and quite thick logs without much trouble. One-handed chainsaws are handy for small gardening jobs, but generally, such products are very specific.

Share your thoughts about the topic in the comments below. What kind of chainsaw do you use: one-handed or conventional? Is the weight of the chainsaw important to you when choosing?

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Sean Chapman

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