Best Electric Weed Eater – Reviews and Purchase Guide

Machines are made to make work easier. And when it comes to an electric weed eater, it’s not an exception. It is made to solve your cutting and trimming problems effortlessly, and it’s available at a considerable cost. If you have tried buying a weed eater recently, you have faced a multitude of choices that probably left you wondering what the best item to purchase is.

But that should not bother you anymore as this blog has your back. After several years of gardening, I have interacted with lots of equipment. It has compelled me to review the items I have recently used. All this to help you make an informed decision in the future.

Top Pick
Worx String Trimmer Cordless GT3.0 20V...
The package includes two batteries.
EGO Power+ 15-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion...
Strong and durable handle.
Greenworks 10 Amp 18-Inch Corded String...
Potent motor.
BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer / Edger,...

With the best electric weed eaters, you will never lose sleep on the thought of mowing your backyard. If you suffer from backache, the required comfort has been ensured during the equipment manufacturing. A good choice of the best electric weed trimmer should be reached upon considering:

  • Price – the item should be available at a reasonable cost.
  • Ease of upkeep – you need an item that you won’t have to pay a fortune to repair frequently.
  • Warranty length – in case the tool breaks down, how does the manufacturer help in ensuring your tasks do not stall? How confidently does the producer stand behind their products?
  • Durability and versatility – how long will the item last? Do I need to buy a new piece for every cutting task or do I have a multifunctional tool?

That’s all you should aim at satisfying when purchasing a weed eater.

Top 10 Best Electric Weed Eater: Reviews

Well, each weed eater differs in several factors, namely, cost, ease of use, source of power, durability, and ease of upkeep. The reviews are done in the best way possible to make your purchase straightforward.

  2. EGO Power
  3. WORX WG163
  4. GreenWorks
  7. GreenWorks ST80L210
  8. Greenworks 10 Amp 18-Inch
  9. BLACK+DECKER 13-Inch 5-Amp
  10. WORX WG154
  11. Remington RM115ST Lasso

Besides that, you will be able to find out our best pick, the top-rated, and the product offering the best value for money. To ensure an easy pick, the items have been arranged in order of popularity – from the most recommended to the least popular. Read and pick the tool that ideally suits your needs.


The top of my selections is the Black & Decker weed eater. This equipment is all you need for light grass and weed mowing tasks. It is powered by a 40V li-ion battery for optimal use when on medium level power. However, the battery drains fast when you enable the high power level. The adjustable speed settings are in place for optimal performance.

That aside, the Black and Decker weed eater is lightweight and hence easy to use by anyone. It is multifunctional in the way that it quickly transforms into an edger. With the equipment being light, controlling it is easy, and it is possible to ensure high precision when trimming. This makes the Black n Decker electric weed eater ideal for use around small trees, vegetables, and flowers.

It is durable with a long shaft for enhanced comfort. The trimming task is continuous as the automated feed spool prevents regular stops to unblock the item. The item’s cost is moderate, given its quality and durability.

It is the item’s quality, durability, ease of use, and effectiveness that make me recommend it to you. With the tool, you are assured of getting a product that lasts years.


  • High precision
  • Multifunctional
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and control

Could be better:

  • Battery drains pretty quick on high power level

2. EGO Power+ 15-Inch 56-Volt – Premium Choice

The item is suited for tough cutting tasks. This is portrayed by the 56V lithium-ion battery and the 2Ah motor powering the device. It is conveyed together with a charger and a battery to see that you do not spend extra money buying the accessories.

The handle is made of aluminum and thus durable. It is height-adjustable and provides storage efficiency. The Ego weed eater is likewise powered by a brushless motor. The dual feed twist line present is ideal for smooth performance.

  • Grass before EGO Power String Trimmer
  • Grass after EGO Power String Trimmer

It has a variable speed control that enables you to regulate its speed for optimum precision. All in all, the cost is exceptionally high, but it’s definitely worth it.


  • Strong and durable handle
  • Powerful battery
  • Charger is included

Could be better:

  • Expensive

3. WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V Cordless Electric Weed Eater – Best Value

Versatile, reliable, effective, easily affordable; that’s a perfect explanation of the Worx 20v weed eater. It is made for any cutting task, and it is the ideal equipment for your lawn tending needs. The item is multifunctional; you can easily transform it from a trimmer and edger as per your cutting needs.

The Worx battery powered weed eater has a pair of batteries in provision. This ensures optimal runtime when working. You need to charge one and use the other cell for continuous task execution. It has a 12-inch cutting length, which is ideal for working on a relatively large area.


The item weighs 5.3 pounds and is hence lightweight for maximum cutting without exhaustion. It contains an innovative command feed pool system. The telescopic shaft enables you to use the tool swiftly irrespective of your height.

I recommend you purchase the Worx weed eater without hesitation. Make your compound your neighbor’s envy. The 5-year warranty provided and the long battery life makes me not think otherwise.


  • The package includes two batteries
  • Versatile
  • Easily affordable
  • Telescopic adjustable shafts

Could be better:

  • Not as powerful as a gas trimmer

4. GreenWorks 4 Amp 13-Inch Corded Cheap Electric Weed Eater

The item is poised at making your mowing task effective and speedy. It is powered by a 4Ah motor to ensure you work on tough weeds effortlessly. The wide cutting edge will enable you to complete the task in no time.

The item height can be optimized corresponding to the user’s height. This ensures comfort and user-friendliness. It is everything but hard to use. Its low price can make you highly doubt the equipment’s working potential. But I can assure you without fear of contradiction, the item is miles ahead of other costly brands in terms of quality and effectiveness.

It is the cheapest item under review, but the 4-year warranty provided should boost your confidence in settling for the product. There are slight drawbacks as the equipment may develop some internal issues which result in stopping.

The high power of the motor also slightly affects its precision and makes it hard to use near flowers and vegetation. All in all, as far as the low cost and quality are concerned, it is worth every penny spent.


  • Suitable on tough weeds
  • Powerful motor
  • Cheap
  • User-friendly

Could be better:

  • Sometimes stops due to internal issues
  • Low precision

5. DEWALT DCST920P1 – Dewalt Weed Eater 20v

For anyone who has ever used DeWalt products, toughness and durability are assurances fulfilled beyond imagination. The product is no exception, although a few downsides are making many doubt the item’s effectiveness.

But starting on the bright side, the DeWalt weed eater has a 13-inch cutting swath that enables you to complete your trimming tasks in no time. It suits use on tough weeds. The ease of control caused by the tool being lightweight has seen an improvement in the item’s precision. It is an electric start weed eater that saves you from the tedious task of pulling the cord.

It is powered by a 20V li-ion battery that’s potent to drive the engine for optimal performance. The variable speed control puts you in a good position to adjust the swiftness for maximum runtime. The charger is included in the package that’s conveyed upon purchase.

For those looking for quiet weed eaters, the item is ideal as it is enhanced for minimal noise production when trimming. The DeWalt electric weed eater has a simple upkeep process, unlike gas-powered trimmers.

The quality of the item is a bit low. It is also not durable. The guarantee doesn’t cover motors, and you may be charged when you send it for repair within three years. That’s too much hassle, after having spent a considerable amount purchasing the tool. I recommend you look for better-covered products instead.


  • Easy to control
  • Easy upkeep
  • The charger is included in the package
  • Variable speed control

Could be better:

  • The guarantee provided covers cost control and not item damage

6. Black n Decker Weed Eater: BLACK+DECKER LSTE523 Li-On

The Black n Decker weed eater contains an extended runtime battery to ensure you never halt the process due to a lack of charge. It is a piece of 2-speed control equipment for optimum performance and runtime. The item converts easily to a wheeled edger. It, hence, proves to be crucial for weeding as you can easily work on vegetation without damage.

It contains an easy feed system that allows fast tidying without frequent bumping. The charger and battery are included in the package conveyed. Its height is adjustable, and the grip utterly made for maximum comfort. I recommend you buy the item. It is worth the price.


  • 2-speed control ensures maximum battery runtime
  • User-friendly
  • Comfy grip
  • Ideal for any height

Could be better:

  • Quality of materials is pretty low

7. GreenWorks Weed Eater: GreenWorks ST80L210 80V

The equipment is suitable when working on a large area, courtesy of its 16-inch swath. It is good to apply on tall and tough weeds, but it will automatically stop when the load is too dense. For lightweight mowing tasks, the item works like a charm.

GreenWorks weed eater has an 80V battery whose single charge ensures close to an hour use. It takes 30 minutes to charge as it is fused with a rapid charge feature. The potent battery enables you to work continuously without the need for frequent stops to charge.

The item bears little upkeep needs compared to gas-powered weed eaters. A charger is included in the conveyed package. It is brushless for enhanced power, performance, and resilience. The tool is well-balanced and comfortable to grip.

The item’s storage is the least of your worries as the shaft is compressible to take minimal space in your store. It is suitable for smooth operations as it is quiet. It is convenient to use and start as it is not corded. I highly recommend you purchase the product.


  • Split shaft for easy storage
  • Rapid charge
  • 16-inch swath

Could be better:

  • It is not suitable for dense grass or weed
  • No adjustable speed controls

8. GreenWorks 18-Inch 10 Amp Electric Weed Eater

The item is suitable for working in large fields. This is through its broad, 18-inch cutting path. It is efficient as it makes you complete your weeding or mowing task in minutes. However, the big swath may prove hard to use when the vegetation is too close, as it may end up causing damage.

The GreenWorks electric weed eater is powered by a 10Ah motor, and this translates to its potency. I highly recommend the product as a lawnmower. It has the power to work on fields in no time, but the precision is way below average.

It is electric, but a bit heavy as it weighs 13 pounds. The cushioned handle ensures comfort in unimaginable ways. It is attachment capable, and it’s built to tackle the most robust shrubs on the field.


  • Potent engine
  • Suitable for tough weeds and shrubs
  • Large cutting path
  • Cushioned handle

Could be better:

  • It is a bit heavy
  • Low precision

9. BLACK+DECKER 13-Inch 5-Amp Electric Weed Eater

The item is corded with a potent 5Ah engine that tackles tough weeds effortlessly. The black and decker electric weed trimmer is all you need for those overgrown grasses. It easily converts to an edger that has the ideal precision for effective task execution without damage.

The ability to adjust the item enables you to pick the right height for you. The pivoting handle is made for a perfect grip and optimum comfort. A slight drawback is present as the automated feed spool doesn’t work as expected, and there’s a frequent need to reload it.

The 13-inch swath is ideal for use in a moderately large field. It is lightweight to enable you to work on all weeds without getting tired. Save yourself the hassle of frequent charging and work continuously without interruption. I highly recommend you purchase the item.


  • Potent motor
  • Perfect for tough weeds
  • It weighs 5 pounds

Could be better:

  • There’s a need to reload the spool frequently

10. Worx Electric Weed Eater: WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10″

Versatility is ensured, and you no longer need multiple tools for the same task. The ease and speed of change from trimmer to edger makes the Worx weed eater string trimmer swift to use. It is cordless but takes close to 5 hours to charge completely. That’s the item’s biggest drawback. Why wait that long to charge a piece that lasts only half an hour?

The Worx electric weed eater weighs 6 pounds and is hence portable. It has a fixed handle that provides optimal stability and control when using the item. The biggest upside has to be its adjustable swath which brings about the possibility of working on several surfaces perfectly.

Besides that, the flexible swath helps in achieving optimal runtime. It is an auto-feed weed eater. The cost is moderate, but the long charging hours make the item unreliable.


  • Portable
  • Adjustable cutting path
  • Charger and battery are included in the package

Could be better:

  • Takes long to charge

11. Remington RM115ST Lasso – Remington Electric Weed Eater Review

The item is multifunctional in the way you can use it as an edger and trimmer. It is suitable for use on small pieces of land. It perfectly suits the use on grass and other simple weeds as it is not that potent for tough shrubs.

It is efficient for trimming on account of the rotating handle. The 14-inch cutting path enables you to work on the small lawn in no time. The motor powering the Remington weed eater is ideal for light grass cutting tasks.

The shaft is adjustable for use by anyone irrespective of their height. This also eases your storage worries as compressing it ensures minimal storing space is consumed. The 2-year warranty provided helps boost your confidence in the item.

The grip is comfy for prolonged use without tire. Additionally, the item is lightweight, and the wheel helps ease your trimming in ways never thought before. The equipment is suitable for trimming, implying that precision improvements are vital to help reduce damage.

The cost is way low, and the quality is not compromised. I recommend this item to you due to the low cost, moderate warranty, and its multi-functionality.


  • Telescopic adjustable shaft
  • Compressible shaft for easier storage
  • Lightweight
  • Multifunctional
  • Affordable

Could be better:

  • Can only be used on light grass and weeds


Under this section, I will take you under some of the regularly posted questions to enable you to have a better product understanding.

Which came out first, gas or electric weed eaters?

The first weed eater was invented by George C. Ballas. He made a gas-powered weed eater at first, but after size complications, he came up with an electric version of his invention. The initial model was powered by a two-cycle gas motor.

What is more eco-friendly, gas or electric weed eater?

Electric weed trimmers are by far eco-friendlier compared to gas-powered models. They do not emit harmful gas after combustion, and noise pollution is minimal. Gas weed eaters use gasoline, which ends up releasing greenhouse gasses into the air. The fuel smell is also irritating to some people.

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What is the decibel level of electric weed eaters?


Electric weed eaters are less noisy, producing about 75 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound of a washing machine. On the contrary, gas-powered weed eaters produce up to 95 decibels equating to a motorbike noise. Noise above 85 decibels is harmful and may result in hearing loss.

How much rpm is needed for electric weed eaters?

Weed eaters oscillate at about 3000 to 10000 rpm. Most of the items under review require an average of 6000 to 8500 rpm.

What are the best electric/corded weed eaters?

The best electric weed eaters are greatly influenced by their features. They should be versatile, in the sense that a single item fits multiple applications. They should be powered by a potent engine, be easily affordable, have a considerably long cord for easy maneuvering, and be lightweight.

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Closing Remarks

As I wrap up my comprehensive reviews of the best electric weed eaters, I hope your next purchase will not be luck dependent. Put the knowledge learned into practice and rest assured of buying an item to serve beyond expectations.

When considering an item that gives the best value for money, the GreenWorks 4 Amp 13-Inch weed eater is more than a better option. It has been tested and approved to live past imagination, and it retails at a throwaway price.

My top pick has to be the WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V weed eater. The item’s versatility, reliability, affordability, and ease of use make me not think otherwise. It is entirely made for the undertaking. The manufacturer’s provision of two batteries is the best show of concern to ensure you do not halt your trimming task to charge the battery.

The BLACK DECKER 40V tops the list of the best-rated items with a 4.1 score after over 4568 reviews. Having satisfied the needs of over 4000 customers shows the item’s reliability, quality, and the seller’s trustworthiness. From my point of view, it is worth the slightly high price it costs. I have used the tool, and I can assure you that it is conveyed as described.

When going through the reviews, you might have come across corded and cordless weed eaters, and they might be a bit confusing to first-time buyers. Corded weed eaters can only be used when plugged in a power source. They do not store charge for use afterward. When purchasing a corded whacker, engine strength is the most vital consideration to check.

Cordless weed eaters, on the other hand, contain a battery that needs to be fully charged before use. When buying one of these, make sure the battery is potent for optimal runtime.

So, what electric weed trimmer are you currently using? How’s its performance on a scale of 1 to 10? Is it a highly recommended option? Your feedback is of utmost importance, and I will highly appreciate interacting with you. Thank you!

Sean Chapman
Sean Chapman

“A good tool stays with you for many years and choosing carefully ensures the job is done right, your work is neat, and the tool is always a pleasure to use”

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