Best Leather Repair Kits That Will Save Your Furniture

Do you have your favorite leather furniture, clothes, shoes, or car seat that are scratched, cracked, or simply started looking time-worn and shabby? I bet you do! If you don’t want to throw away your favorite things, you still have the chance to give them a second life. In case you’ve been wondering what products you need to repair all your leather goods, then this article is definitely for you.

Having an extensive 10-year experience in this field, I love sharing my professional knowledge with people to facilitate their lives. As I know everything about home improvement, remodeling, woodworks, I’m here to show you all my tips and tricks to make your leather things look new.

Top Pick
The Original Leather Recoloring Balm by...
Different color options.
Furniture Leather Max MEGA Kit/Leather...
Top pick for the money.
ONine Leather Repair Patch,Leather...
Has no smell.
MastaPlasta Original Self-Adhesive...
Diversity of colors.

Whether you need to patch a leather couch, repair your clothes, shoes, or car seats, I’m gonna guide you through top products that you might want to purchase. I have prepared a detailed leather repair kits review for you so you can pick the best products that will save the life of your favorite things, and you won’t have to buy new ones. Let’s get started!

8 Best Leather Repair Kit Reviews

To your attention, here are essential leather repair kit reviews that you can purchase to give a second life to your shoes, clothes, and furniture. I have prepared my top picks as well as their main pros and cons to help you figure out what is the best leather repair kit and make your decision-making process easier. Read the description carefully and choose the best matching kit for your needs.

  1. Furniture Leather Max MEGA Kit
  2. MastaPlasta Patch
  3. Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit
  4. Coconix Leather Care PRO
  5. Furniture Clinic Leather Recoloring Balm
  6. Leather Tape 3X60 Inch Self-Adhesive Patch
  7. SIMPZIA 20 Pieces Leather Craft Tools
  8. Furniture Clinic Protection Cream & Conditioner

1. Furniture Leather Max MEGA Kit – Best Leather Repair Kit

Here is the first leather couch repair kit that I would love to recommend to you. I have used this kit myself to make my leather chair look fresher, and I should say the product works pretty well for the money you pay.

This kit is designed for furniture, couches, sofas, and chairs. It will let you get a more fresh and original look for your furniture with no efforts.

The manufacturer offers all the variety of colors, so you can pick the one that will be the most suitable for your furniture. It includes everything you might want to bring your leather furniture back to life.

In this kit, you will get a satin sealant, two bottles of white, and black colors to adjust the shade according to your needs as well as conditioner, filler, cleaner, and sponge.

With this kit, you can do miracles to your furniture. You can easily clean it up and apply the needed color. In addition, it will help you cover scratches, hide holes, restore, and refinish it.

You will be able to cope with faded colors and add some brightness to your couch or chair. The kit will help you to repair your favorite furniture completely.

I used it myself, so this is the best recommendation that I can give to you. The price is quite affordable, and the product has a top-notch quality you will be satisfied with as well.

  • Top pick for the money
  • Variety of colors
  • Made in the USA
  • Very effective
Could be better:
  • More convenient for furniture

2. MastaPlasta Patch – Best Leather Repair Patch

This is the perfect item that you need to repair leather furniture, clothes, or other items that you have. You will get the patch only, but you can choose from the diversity of colors to pick the most suitable one for the items you need to repair.

This is the large patch that you can use for your clothes as well as for your car seat to cover visual damage. It’s not going to take long as you will get perfect results instantly.

Keep in mind that it will also be suitable for different kinds of fabrics like suede, vinyl, faux leather, and so on. The product is pretty easy to use as all you have to do is to get rid of release paper and then stick to the spot that needs amendments.

You can cut it and come up with the perfect patch size you need. It’s the most cost-effective way to repair your sofa, chair, or car seats with no effort.

This product is an alternative and fast way to get rid of even minor defects. Everything will look like new. By the way, the particular kit won multiple awards for its quality and convenience. I would definitely recommend this kit if you need to fix your favorite leather item very fast and achieve great results.

  • Great price
  • Diversity of colors
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for different items
Could be better:
  • No additional leather care products

3. Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit – Best Leather Repair Kit for Car Seats

This is the top auto leather and vinyl repair kit that I know is present on the current market, but you can also use it for your favorite pieces of furniture, accessories, and lots of other things that you own and want to keep using.

It will work perfectly to fix all the defects on your favorite items to avoid buying new ones. You can also use it to care for leather products as well as vinyl items. It will also help you easily restore faux leather. You will get professional results as the kit contains only high-quality materials, which will dry pretty fast.

Get rid of all damage on your favorite leather furniture or clothes with ease. In this kit, you will get different color options so you can come up with a perfect color that will be a perfect match. In addition, you will get lots of useful things to make the process easier, as well as a detailed guide that will show you how to use each item in the kit.

The process is pretty simple, and you have to follow the simple steps indicated in the detailed instruction. The kit is very easy to use, and you don’t have the heat to dry the material. The best thing about this kit is the absence of smell, so you can enjoy the process, and it won’t smell bad afterward.

  • Amazing price
  • Perfect for clothes as well as furniture
  • Amazing quality
  • Easy to use
  • No smell
Could be better:
  • Not suitable for large surfaces

4. Coconix Leather Care PRO – Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit

Here is another kit that is definitely worth your attention. I would love to try this product in the future and certainly advise you to check it as well. The price is pretty affordable, and you will get high-quality results in return. Don’t miss the opportunity to fix your leather furniture, clothes, car seats, or even boat with this one.

This kit includes everything you might need to fix your favorite leather things. It contains the color which will perfectly match the item you need to fix as well as a small jar for a proper application. This way, you can mix colors. There is also a brush to apply the product and some other useful things that you will use in the process.

The restoration will be super easy as you can access video guides provided by the manufacturer. Colors dry pretty fast with no heat needed. With the mixing jar, you can create a color that will perfectly match your furniture or clothes.

This product is a perfect solution for repairing the damaged areas and adding a more fresh look to the things you love. All that you need is in the kit. It’s very convenient, that’s why I love this kit and would like to try it out. Bring your leather back to life, and the quality is guaranteed.

  • Convenient price
  • Various colors
  • Effective results
  • Quick dry time
  • Easy in use
Could be better:
  • For small surface

5. Furniture Clinic Leather Recoloring Balm – Best Leather Scratch Repair Kit

This amazing balm will work perfectly for giving more fresh appearance to your old clothes, accessories as well as furniture. It will take only a few minutes for you to add more bright color, get rid of some minor scratches, and bring your things to life again. There are a lot of color options, so you can pick the one that suits your needs.

Renovate your leather items in only a few minutes, and you can enjoy the results for another few years. It will be the best choice for any leather type. The balm is pretty safe for your clothes as it gets absorbed pretty fast, and you can sit without getting color marks. If you see that leather color is faded, then this balm is definitely for you. It’s not going to repair holes, but it works pretty well to recolor the furniture or clothes.

You can use the product for large surfaces. All you need to do is to use a cotton pad and put the balm on your leather items. The process is very easy, and it doesn’t take much time. I will definitely get this one for myself as it’s a must-have for each household.

  • Great results
  • Different color options
  • Big bottle size
  • Easy and fast application
Could be better:
  • Doesn’t repair holes

6. Leather Tape 3X60 Inch Self-Adhesive Patch – Leather Furniture Repair Kit

That’s the most effective and quick way to repair holes, big cracks, and give a second life to your leather goods. It will be suitable for any type of this material as well as for vinyl or other fabrics. The main thing I can say about this particular product is that it doesn’t have an artificial smell, and it’s environment-friendly too.

For the great price like this, you will get 60 inches of tape, which will be enough even for big surfaces. But if you need to apply it for smaller holes, all you need to do is to cut the right amount of tape, and you are covered to start renovating your vinyl or leather items. This tape is one of my favorites as it’s super simple in use, and you can take proper care of your favorite things.

Choose the right color and start working on fixing car seats or your sofa. The material is very durable, so it will serve you for a long time. It takes a few seconds to remove the paper and stick it to the area that needs some renovation. The quality is very good, and you should try the product as well. I believe this is the easiest way to fix leather without professional help. It’s my main recommendation if you need to do this effectively and pretty fast.

  • Great price
  • Color options
  • Quick and simple
  • Has no smell
Could be better:
  • Can be visible

7. SIMPZIA 20 Pieces Leather Craft Tools – Leather Restoration Kit

This is the perfect sewing kit that will help you to apply leather patches on areas that need to get fixed. As a carpenter, I love this set, so I would definitely buy the one for myself as it’s perfect for people who adore doing things with their hands.

However, if you are not familiar with sewing, it’s not the best choice for you. Most importantly, you will get more solid and durable results that will last longer.

The set contains needles that are applicable for leather, stitching needles, thread, thimble, and a lot of other useful things that will come in handy while repairing your leather items. The repairing process is going to take more time, but you will do it completely yourself, which will bring you so much enjoyment.

Moreover, you can use this set for other purposes, so it’s a worthy investment that one can make. It can be a great kit for beginners, as you have everything you might need during the process. It has different color variations that you can use for numerous leather looks.

  • Reasonable price
  • Sewing tools
  • Great for DIY
  • Suitable for beginners
Could be better:
  • Suitable for sewing patches only

8. Furniture Clinic Protection Cream & Conditioner – Leather Restoration Products

No products found.

Here is another great product that will be a perfect match for the balm I have previously described. I recommend using them together as this way you will only enhance the results. Still, you can use the product individually, and it will still work perfectly for all your things that need to be cleaned and revitalized. Based on my personal experience, I can say that the cleaners are very effective, and you have to try them too.

In this kit, you will get an effective cleanser as well as protection cream, conditioner, and a convenient sponge that you need to apply these products. The formula works pretty amazingly, and it gets all the job done very fast without your efforts. You can easily get rid of the dirt, dust, stains with no harsh ingredients.

Conditioner will perfectly nourish the leather to prevent it from cracking. It’s very convenient in use. Just apply the product on the sponge you will find in this kit and rub it into the leather to clean, protect it, and give the item a refined look.

  • Effective results
  • Amazing cleaning
  • Perfect protection
Could be better:
  • More expensive

Everything You Need to Know About Leather Kit

Pieces of green and brown leather

Before you choose your leather repair kit, here is some information about leather that you should know. I received a lot of questions on this matter, so I decided to share the most common ones with you as well as provide the answers to them.

What Causes Leather to Crack?

Leather requires you to be extra careful with it as due to its porous texture, this material can soak in all moist and oil from your body as well as dead cells, dirt, and hair.

All this can get absorbed by leather furniture or clothes pretty fast which will eventually lead to crack. For this reason, all your leather items will look worn off.

Can You Patch Leather?

It’s possible to patch leather, and I have provided you with the list of kits that will allow you to do this. Patches are a perfect way to cover up some minor or major scratches and damages on the surface. You can apply a patch and stick it to a leather area that needs to get repaired.

It’s recommended to use the filler, so it looks better. The process is pretty challenging, so if you feel you are not able to do this in the right natural way, then it’s better to turn for some professional help.

How to Patch a Leather Furniture?

First of all, you have to clean the surface where you have a hole or rip. Then, put some glue (leather glue is recommended) on the hole, reattach it and give it some time to dry. You can use sandpaper to get rid of glue remains and apply appropriate leather color to make the spot less visible.

Another method will involve using a patch, which is also very convenient. All you have to do is to cut a needed size of patch leather. Insert the patch inside the hole and apply glue. After you let it dry, it’s important to clean the area and apply leather filler to make it look smooth. Let it dry and apply an appropriate color. The last touch will be to apply for a leather finish.

What to Do with Waterlogged Leather?

In case your furniture, clothes, or shoes have been exposed to a big amount of water, then you should know that saving your things is real, though pretty challenging. If you have spilled water on your sofa or you were caught by the rain, the main advice will be not to use a heat source to dry out the leather as it will damage the material even more.

The heat will only dry out your clothes, and they will become wrinkly, cracked, and the leather will probably shrink. To save the leather, all you have to do is to leave it on a flat surface in a chilly room and give all the time it needs to dry out naturally.

Is Sun Exposure Dangerous for Leather?

Sunlight can be detrimental to your leather goods. If your clothes, shoes, or furniture is exposed to direct sunlight for a very long time, then it cannot be restored at all. Sun is the biggest danger for the leather. If you want to keep your items in good condition for a long time, then it’s imperative to keep them away from the sun. Sun will provoke fast cracking and drying of the leather, and it cannot be fixed.

What Are Other Ways to Make Leather Look Better?

In the case of furniture, all you can do is to use it carefully, clean, and condition it on a regular basis. Clothes, shoes, and accessories can look better in case you do the following. As you can see, water and sun can kill your favorite leather products, and it’s your main task to provide appropriate storage for them. Don’t leave clothes and shoes with direct sun exposure, store your shoes in a bag or in the box. For leather clothes, it’s better to use padded hangers to avoid scratches.

Also, it’s important to clean all leather items from time to time. Make sure not to use any chemicals as they can irreversibly damage the leather surface. After that, you should apply additional leather care oils, conditioners. This is essential care that will protect the leather, prolong its great condition, and make the items softer. For your leather shoes and clothes, you might also want to use polish to add a shiny and more well-groomed look. Sparkling polished leather will definitely look like new.

How to Prevent Leather from Cracking?

Here are some tips that will prevent your leather material from cracking.

1. First of all, you have to pick quality leather in advance. You have to invest in the leather items in order to prevent them from degrading and cracking fast over time. You will spend more on high-quality leather, but you will save later on repairing it or buying new items. Good-quality leather clothes, shoes, and furniture will serve you for ages with lower risks for cracking.

2. The next step to prevent it from cracking will be to condition it to provide the proper humidity level for the leather items. It will help you to prevent the material from cracking as well if you do this on a regular basis. Without conditioning, the leather will turn dry and will be prone to cracking.

3. Also, make sure the air in the room is not dry too and follow the care routine indicated on the label. Stick to the recommendation on the label for your leather shoes or clothes carefully for proper care, and it will also help you to prevent cracking.

Summing It Up

Knowing how to take care for leather furniture, clothes, and shoes is pretty challenging. With time things can look worn, scratchy, and shabby. If you don’t want to buy a new piece of clothes, furniture or you simply want to revitalize your leather car seats, then picking the proper leather seat repair kit is essential to give a second life to your favorite items. I have provided you with my top picks as well as their description and shortlist of pros and cons, so you can choose the best kit that suits your needs and will give you expected results.

I hope that you have found this article useful and will easily repair your leather clothes, shoes or furniture. Now I would love to hear from you, what products have you used before, and what was the effect on your damaged leather things? What products from the list I have provided you would like to try out? Leave your comments below, and I will be happy to read your opinion on this matter. 

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