Best Metal Cutting Saws on the Market

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Best Metal Cutting Saws Reviews for Your Buying Decision
Updated 2020
Evolution Power Tools RAGE

Does your work involve handling metals? If that is the case, a metal cutting saw is one of the tools you should have among your equipment. Cutting metals is a difficult task for most people. To make your work easier, I recommend going for the best hole saw for cutting thick metal.

When you invest in a reliable chop saw, your work will become more efficient as you can save a lot of time in the course of your work. In the process, you also save money because you will use such a saw for a long time.

Additionally, there will be no delays in the projects you take, and you won’t have to waste money repairing broken saw parts.

With the advancement in technology, there are a variety of metal cutting tools available on the market. All the sellers advertise each item they offer as the best saw for cutting metal. However, you may get disappointed with the quality of the equipment if you purchase a random item. Thus, it is important to know the best manufacturers of different saws.

Do you have plans on purchasing a metal cutting saw? Whether you are a pro in handling metals or you are a starter in this field, having the right tool goes a long way in making your work easier. The completion of any great project depends on the performance of the tools at your disposal.

Therefore, the first thing to mind before starting a metal cutting task is to ensure you have the right tool. It does not matter if you have a steel pipe to shape, metal sheets to cut, or cast iron. The equipment determines your efficiency.

With my vast experience of working with such tools, I have prepared a comprehensive metal cutting band saw reviews that can help you in choosing the saw. Read through the whole article to select the proper metal cutting saw.

The Top 10 Metal Chop Saws to Choose

When your friend chooses a particular saw, it doesn’t mean such a tool will work for you, too. The tasks and requirements you have may be different. Therefore, your choice of the saw should depend on the specific needs you have. The list below describes the most trusted saw brands with the pros and cons so that you can choose the right equipment for your work.

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Dewalt Reciprocating Saw, 10-Amp – A User-Friendly Metal Cutting Chop Saw

The Dewalt DWE304 is a powerful saw for cutting metal and is ideal for heavy-duty applications. It is fitted with a 4-blade clamp to increase its efficiency. The feature is also critical as it makes the tool versatile. Additionally, you can change the blades easily.

The tool is fast and efficient in cutting metals. As a user, you can easily change the speed with which you want the machine to operate. Such features make it a tool that gives value for money, and even a non-professional can use it.

This Dewalt reciprocating saw is good for users of any experience, including house owners, carpenters, plumbing enthusiasts, and even painters. Whether you have materials to cut in the house, your workshop or your office, this metal cutting chop saw is a nice choice. Its application in different areas makes it superior equipment. I want to note that this machine can cut fiberglass as well as drywall.

  • Built solidly
  • Easy to operate
  • It is possible to adjust the speed of use
Could be better:
  • Weak locking system
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Evolution Rage 4 7-1/4-Inch – Best Metal Cutting Saw for Diverse Usage

Are you operating on a restricted budget but searching for an efficient chop saw to work with? Then, the Evolution of Metal cutting saw is the ideal tool for you.

The greatest advantage of this saw is that it can be used for a variety of tasks. Materials it can cut efficiently include plastics, aluminum, and wood, among others. You do not need multiple metal cutting band saws when you already have this one. With a patented blade, sparking is reduced, and the instances of heating are minimized.

  • Well-designed handle for easier grip
  • Efficient collection of chips that minimizes mess in the process
  • Allows accurate cuts
  • Affordable
  • A wide variety of uses
Could be better:
  • Less efficient with heavy metals
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Evolution Rage 3-DB 10-Inch – The Best Saw for Cutting Metal for a Variety of Materials

This saw is durable, so you can work through tough materials without straining. When purchasing a multipurpose saw, the intention would always be to ensure that you can cut with precision and without burrs. If you are looking for a durable saw that can cover all these requirements, Rage 3 model fits the bill. It is a horizontal/vertical metal cutting band saw that is considered as one of the best items on the market.

Its sturdy design ensures the equipment is durable even when used on cutting heavy-duty materials. However, it is still applicable to small-scale projects. The extra-large base makes the Evolution Rage 3 model stable compared to the other saws available on the market.

This saw can efficiently cut metals such as aluminum, plastic, and even wood. That means you won’t have to waste time changing one blade to another. Its 15-amp power enables the tool to complete construction projects faster. The laser-guided cutting is also useful for increasing the accuracy of work.

  • Can cut through a variety of materials without the need to change the blade
  • Stable
  • Works fast
  • It is possible to adjust the angle of cuts easily
Could be better:
  • The blades can easily be damaged if improperly used
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Dewalt Metal Cutting Saw 14-Inch – A Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saw

Dewalt manufacturer is known for building the most reliable cutting saws, and this 14-inch model is not an exception. This tool can be used for a variety of tasks, including small-scale projects and industrial jobs that require much focus. Apart from being durable, Dewalt DW872 is also easy to use.

With a 70-tooth blade made of carbide, the item cuts through metals fast. Moreover, its precision in cutting metals is unquestionable. There are no instances of errors when using this metal cutting saw. You need to exert only minimal pressure for perfect results.

Some sparks may occur at work, and the equipment heats a bit when cutting through heavy metals. For small stocks, there is no heat released. With proper use of this Dewalt metal cutting saw, your work won’t be interrupted.

  • Smooth cuts at all times
  • No rough edges
  • Fast and efficient
Could be better:
  • Weak clamp
  • Inefficient in the collection of dust
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Tacklife Circular Saw with 6 Blades – A Powerful Metal Cutting Saw

This circular saw is designed with a metallic handle. The design is aimed at making the tool easy for one to work with without tiring. Moreover, the clamping is strong, and the equipment stays stable during the cutting process. Disassembling and installing the saw blade is also easy. With the laser guide features, Tacklife saw allows precise and convenient cuts.

Additionally, this model can deliver optimal results, owing to its 5.8 Amp power and a performance estimated at 3,500 RPM. Therefore, Tacklife circular saw can cut materials like tiles, plastics, and metals easily. As a user, I find it convenient since I can adjust the cutting angle by between 0 to 45 degrees.

What other features can you see in this saw? There is a switch that offers double protection as it protects you from any incident of accidental opening. Besides, you can also do the cutting job easily with six blades provided. You can easily operate the machine using one hand.

  • Easy, safe, and convenient to use
  • Can cut different materials
  • Durable
Could be better:
  • Relatively costly
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Skilsaw SPT77WML-01 – Best Metal Cutting Circular Saw for Safe Use

Skilsaw is a brand that I trust at a personal level. The company is known as an expert at making the best cutting machines. Skilsaw SPT77WML-01 can be used by anyone regardless of the level of expertise.

With a magnesium housing, the model is designed to last for many years. It is also safe to operate. The motor of this equipment is designed to be power-efficient and offers easy cooling at work. With its 15 Amp power, Skilsaw SPT77WML-01 allows users to work faster and efficiently. Its anti-snag qualities ensure you can operate the tool smoothly.

Although the machine is light, it is still durable. Some manufacturers sacrifice the durability of a machine to make it portable, but that is not the case here. Moreover, your safety and security are also taken into consideration. Therefore, the machine is a good choice for anyone.

  • Light and portable
  • Durable
  • Reliable power and cooling features
  • Safe and easy to use
Could be better:
  • Its heavy vibrations make the tool hard for the amateurs to use it
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Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW230 9-Inch – An Accurate Metal Cutting Saw

It is considered the best metal cutting circular saw on the market today. This saw has a design that is aimed at enduring strenuous applications. With a weight of 20lbs, it is strong and allows efficient work on any metal project. Moreover, this Evolution EVOSAW230 works fast.

This metal cutting circular saw uses 15-amp power. Its motor, which is 2.7 HP, can generate 2,700 RPM in speed. The 48-tooth blade allows cutting through metals without generating heat.

With these special features, the saw works fast and will last you for a long time. You can also make cuts at angles since the saw has an angle range of between 0 and 45 degrees. The debris collection system ensures the saw can collect most of the chips generated, thus, reducing the mess.

The tool also has a safety switch meant to increase its efficiency and ensure the user is safe. When using this saw, you are assured of the highest level of precision, safety, and efficiency at work.

  • Has a durable 48-tooth blade
  • Provides accurate and efficient cuts
  • Allows an angle range from 0 to 45 degrees
Could be better:
  • A bit expensive compared to other brands
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Dewalt Sliding Compound DWS779 – Best Metal Cutting Saw for Starters

This is another powerful Dewalt metal cutting miter saw to mention. The machine was built to work precisely and conveniently. It’s also worth mentioning the innovative design of this tool. I have used this brand for many years and can confirm the durability of this equipment.

The 3,800-RPM motor ensures the machine operates fast. Moreover, the tool allows accurate cuts and is built with double rails made of metals. Also, it is fitted with an efficient clamping system that ensures the machine is durable. The position of its cutline blade makes it easy to adjust.

All the parts of the machine are durable, and you won’t have to waste time and money purchasing another metal cutting band saw. The dust collector of the device traps most of the dust produced at work. Therefore, the mess after the use of this machine is minimized.

  • Can be operated easily even by amateurs
  • Durable
  • Effectively collects dust
  • Delivers accurate cuts at all times
Could be better:
  • Cases blade wobbling some times
  • Relatively heavy compared to other brands
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Dewalt DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch – A Fast Metal Cutting Circular Saw

This Dewalt metal cutting circular saw is great at making angular cuts. You can easily operate this tool no matter your level of expertise in using saws. The machine is easy to use, even for first-timers. For those planning to purchase metal cutting saw home depot for the first time and having no idea what to expect, this machine is a perfect choice. Moreover, it is affordable.

The item is made of qualitative steel, which makes it durable. This model is also able to cut hard metals because of the strong materials used to make it. With a weight of 42 lbs. only, this equipment is easy to carry to your location of work.

  • Portable
  • Can be used on a wide variety of materials
  • Durable
Could be better:
  • Fitted with a small dust bag
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Skil 3386-01 – Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saw for Low-Density Metals

This Skil saw offers users much value. It is loved by those working in carpentry shops and woodcarving schools. The special features and superior characteristics of this equipment make it better than other similar machines on the market. Skil 3386 model is a good pick if you are operating on a tight budget as it is not costly.

Is it worth it to purchase this machine? Yes, because this 9-inch saw has 2.5 Amp power. That power is enough to cut materials of low density. It can easily cut through soft metals such as brass and copper.

The base of the model is also made of metal, so it is easy to carry around. The equipment is also durable and stable due to its large base. It is easy to make straight cuts because of the metal fence. I can confidently recommend this machine for those who are on a budget.

  • Low vibrations
  • Stable
  • Made of a durable metal
  • You can tilt it for angular cuts
Could be better:
  • Low power
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Buyer’s Guide: Answers to Popular Questions on Metal Cutting Saws

Whether you are thinking about purchasing the Evolution metal cutting circular saw or any other item, there is an array of questions you may have on saws. Here you can find answers to the most common questions on metal-cutting equipment:

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What Is a Metal Cutting Saw?

It is a saw that is exclusively made to cut metals. Although other manual tools like hacksaws can also be used for such purposes, they are not as efficient as the metal cutting saw blades. The final results from the manual machines often look uneven and require additional filing.

As a customer, you have a variety of saws to choose from, including the Dewalt metal cutting saws. The metal cutting saws enable you to work efficiently, save time, and produce fantastic results. Moreover, such tools are precise, cut smoothly, and ensure you complete the project in the shortest time possible.

The choice of the saw depends on the use you intend to put it to. Thus, you can go for a chop or circular saw type. Usually, blades that make up these saws are either made of carbide or ceramic.

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What Type of Saw Should One Choose?

Metal Cutting Saw

As mentioned before, the choice of the saw depends on your working needs. If you want to make fast cuts while still maintaining high quality, the best choice is the chop saw. These saws are usually large, and their level of precision is unrivaled. On the other hand, circular saws are smaller and can be easily carried. Moreover, they have more cutting applications compared to their chop counterparts.

The other saw types include the band and reciprocating saws. Reciprocating equipment can cut metals as well as other materials, such as wood. Since this tool can move back and forth, it cuts materials fast. However, the results usually don’t look impressive. Therefore, these saws are ideal for demolition projects.

Band saws can cut heavy stock. You can use a horizontal metal cutting band saw if you strive the most accurate cuts. If you need a portable metal cutting band saw, this type is a good option.

No matter the project you need to complete, it is always possible to find a model that will work for you. While there are brands meant for specific purposes only and can cut some materials, in this review, you can find out versatile equipment.

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Can You Saw Metal?

When you have the right tool, it is easy to saw metal. You may be tempted to use manual tools for the project you have. However, be assured that they may not yield the best results. Moreover, the use of an ineffective machine to cut metal may put you in danger. The trick is to settle on a tool that is designed for the project at hand. For example, the 80-inch band saw blade metal cutting is ideal for heavy stock.

Blades are created differently, depending on their specific functions. Those that cut wood differ from the ones meant for metals. The toothed blades are designed for cutting wood. On the other hand, ones made of abrasive discs are perfect for cutting metals. The sharp teeth of a metal cutting saw blade are designed to ensure it can have enhanced precision and clean cuts.

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Can I Use a Metal Cutting Saw to Cut Wood?

The metal cutting saw blades are exclusively designed for metals. As some of the projects you deal with involve handling wood, it is obvious that you may be concerned if the saw you have can also cut wood. Although such saws can do it, there is specific information you need to know.

The effectiveness of the metal cutting chop saw blade depends on the speed of the machine. Blades made of abrasive materials are designed to cut metals, so using them for wood may be inappropriate. When you use such blades for wood, the edges you get may not be smooth. On the other hand, the blades made of stainless steel can be used for different materials, including wood.

When you purchase a saw with a multipurpose blade, you make your work easier. This is because you can cut different materials without the need to change blades each time. In simple terms, always ensure you use each blade in the right way as that guarantees you can complete projects fast and accurately.

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Can You Use Metal Cutting Blade for a Miter Saw?

Though it is possible, it is crucial to pick the right blade. Miter saws should only be used to cut materials such as aluminum or steel since they are not meant for hard materials.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Metal Cutting Items

Metal Cutting Saw

As a consumer, you already have many options of metal cutting saws to select. Thus, it is critical to consider what specific use you need a tool for. This way, you ensure the tool you select is perfect for the work. For example, you can’t use a 10-inch metal cutting blade for miter saw for a project in which you need a completely different type of saw.

What are the best items available on the market? The Dewalt brand is known to be perfect for the users since its tools are of high-quality and durable. They can also cut any metal regardless of its hardness. These machines are also precise, efficient, and work fast.

Saws with 15-amp power and above are also powerful. They can be applied to any project and work efficiently. Additionally, purchasing a laser-guided saw also ensures you complete perfect, precise cuts.

The Rage 4 model is also widely known as it is one of the most affordable options. Despite the price tag, it can effectively chop different materials. This tool can also be applied to a variety of uses. Its versatility makes it equipment you should consider.

Now, I hope that you have already settled on the best tool for your needs. And lastly, what are the critical features to look for?

  • The system for collection of dust

Miter saw dust bags are usually ineffective. There are also other saws with such bags on the market. To be sure that you pick a reliable tool, read reviews from other customers. With an effective dust collecting system, your working area will always be clean. Moreover, the lifespan of your saw will increase because dust won’t get inside it.

  • Motor type

I want to say that machines with 10-amp power or more work effectively. If you plan to use a saw frequently, pick a powerful one. The RMP number also matters. A good RMP number ensures smooth cuts.

  • A laser guide

Laser guides enable you to have perfect cuts. Picking a saw with such a helpful system place you ahead.

  • Safety

It is critical to look at the safety features before you select the metal cutting scroll saw or any other tool. Your safety matters, and having a proper tool is essential.

What metal cutting saw among the reviewed drew your attention? Let me know which product you liked the most.

Also, you are welcome to share your experience of using metal cutting saws in the comments below!

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