How To Cut A 4×4 With A Circular Saw – Complete Guide

Circular saws are one of the most basic tools used in construction, and knowing how to use one is a crucial skill for any contractor. A circular saw is used for cutting lumber, and is most commonly used for cutting 4x4s. It is important to know how to cut 4x4s because 4x4s are commonly used for framing, and require straight cuts to be made. Cutting 4×4 with circular saw is made easier with the use of a guide.

How to Cut a 4×4 with a Circular Saw: Step-by-Step Instruction

There are three main methods to cut a 4×4 with a circular saw. The first is to use the circular saw only and make two cuts. The second is to use a simple circular saw cutting jig to make the first and second cuts and then use a hand saw to finish off the cut. The third is to use a hand saw to make the initial cut and the circular saw to finish off the cut. In this section we’ll cover each one of them. It is up to you to decide which one is the best way to cut 4×4.

Circular Saw Only Method

Step 1: Mark Cut Line

Place the 4×4 on the ground on the side to be cut and measure where to mark the cut line.

Step 2: Make the First Cut

man with a circular saw cuts a 4x4

Turn on the saw and set it on the cut line. Make the cut by cutting in a circular pattern with the saw.

Step 3: Rotate the 4×4 and Make the Second Cut

Rotate the 4×4 and make the second cut by following the same circular motion.

Step 4: Rotate 90° and Make Third Cut

Rotate the 4×4 90° and make the third cut.

Simple Jig Method

Step 1: Mark Cut Line

Place the 4×4 on the ground on the side to be cut and measure where to mark the cut line.

Step 2: Create Simple C-Shaped Cutting Jig

Mark a line on the ground where the second cut is to be made.

Step 3: Make Your Cuts

Use the circular saw to make the first cut.

4x4 lumber

Circular Saw & Hand Saw Method

Step 1: Mark Cut Line

You can mark cut lines on wood by using a straight edge to draw the line, then use a pencil to trace the line. You can also use a straightedge and a sharp utility knife to make clean cuts.

Step 2: Make Initial Cut

You can use a saw to make this initial cut. You should be careful when you are making the initial cut so that the cut is accurate. If the cut is not accurate, it will make it difficult for you to measure and mark the wood accurately.

Step 3: Use Hand Saw to Finish the Cut

man with a hand saw cuts 4x4

A hand saw is a type of saw that is hand powered and is used for cutting wood. It is mainly used for cutting planks and timber. The teeth of the blade are usually set at an angle, which makes the hand saw a cutting rather than ripping tool. When hand sawing, the saw is pulled towards the user. The user then positions the saw teeth so that they are catching the wood. The saw is then pushed towards the other side of the object.

Required Tools To Cut 4X4 With Circular Saw

Circular Saw

Circular saw is a cutting device which rotates in a circular motion to remove material in a straight line. Some people call it a “cut off saw” or “chop saw”. It can handle large sheets of plywood, drywall, and lumber. If you need to make a straight cut in a large sheet of plywood or drywall, a circular saw is a good choice.

Circular saws come in many different sizes, but the most common is a 7″ blade. It is great for ripping plywood and cutting 2x4s. It is also great for cutting molding and trim.

Marker or pencil

You need one of those to keep a straight line when cutting. Markers and\or pencils are often used in woodworking to mark measuring lines and jigs, to mark the wood to be cut, and to make notes on the wood.


If you don’t have clamps for round pieces of wood, you will have a hard time cutting the wood. Clamps are used in woodworking to hold items in place for assembly or to hold the workpiece while it is being sawed or worked on.


driver on the table

You need one of these tools to screw in the screws that are holding the blade of the saw.

Scrap plywood

You need a scrap piece of plywood to put under the wood that you’re cutting to protect the floor.

Speed Square

This tool helps you make straight and accurate cuts. Use the speed square to mark a line on your wood, then follow the line with your saw.

Hand saw or reciprocating saw

You need one of these tools to cut your wood if you don’t have a circular saw. A hand saw is a type of handsaw that is used to cut wood. A reciprocating saw is a saw that cuts by moving back and forth, rather than moving around in a circle.

Sandpaper or sander

You need one of these tools to smooth out the rough edges of the wood after you cut it.

Safety Equipment Needed

Safety equipment is used to help avoid injury during a variety of tasks. One of the most dangerous tasks is cutting wood. The wood can slide and pin someone to the saw, which can cause serious injuries. For this reason, circular saws require safety equipment.

Safety Goggles


Goggles protect your eyes from sawdust and flying debris. They should always be worn when operating a circular saw as well as in any other working environment where there is a lot of dust in the air. Safety goggles are one of the most common pieces of safety equipment for a circular saw.


Unlike safety goggles, earmuffs are designed to block out all sound. This is useful if there is a lot of noise in an area. They can be worn in the same situation as safety goggles so your ears can be protected from excessive noise and stay unharmed.


A respirator is another way to protect your lungs. A respirator is worn to protect the wearer from dust and other particles in the air by blocking them with a filter. A respirator is typically used if there is a large amount of airborne particles in an area.

How to Cut 4×4 Posts That are Already Mounted?

The process of cutting 4×4 posts that are already mounted can be a little tricky. If the posts are not too high off the ground, you can use a chainsaw to cut through them. Use the chainsaw to cut in an upward motion, and make sure the blade does not cut too deep so that it can be pulled out again. If you need a little more precise cut, you might consider using a c-shaped guide.

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A 4×4 is a common lumber size and is used in a variety of construction projects. Cuts with a circular saw are the most common way to cut a 4×4. The most common cut is to cut a 4×4 into half to create two 2x4s.

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