How to Repair Vinyl Furniture: a Comprehensive Answer

Today, numerous products are created with vinyl. In other words, it is faux leather that allows manufacturers to give the vinyl furniture an almost identical feel to that of real leather furniture without any inhumane practices and cruelty towards animals.

This is wonderful, but there is a big but. Although vinyl “leather” mimics real one extremely well in such areas as touch and feel, it is known to be less durable when compared to real leather. This can be disheartening.

In particular, when you look at the prices of repairing vinyl furniture, you may think the “cheaper” leather will turn out to be a hefty investment in the end. Will buying real leather initially end up a money-saving endeavor rather than purchasing vinyl and fixing it over and over?

Not at all! The most common problems and deteriorations of vinyl leather can be easily fixed at home by a complete newbie! I have been a professional carpenter for over 10 years, so I know it for sure. In the article, you will be able to look at what you can fix and what means you may use to do it.

What Are Vinyl Repair Kits?

Vinyl repair kits are equipment bundles specially designed to tackle all the common small to medium damage that vinyl furniture receives over years of regular use. They come in different varieties and combinations: some are broad and can tackle most problems, and some are designed to mitigate only one problem. They make home repair possible, which in itself is extremely rewarding.

vinyl repair kit

Let us review the main equipment bundles and their applications. Here are the main types of such vinyl repair equipment bundles:

  • Vinyl patches or mends. There are additional pieces of vinyl that are applied to the damaged area. They cover up any evidence of vinyl degradation extremely well.
  • See-through patches. These are quite similar to other patches, except for the fact that they are much thinner and are see-through. These patches were made to cover small holes quickly and effortlessly so that they do not get bigger.
  • No heating needed. These repair equipment bundles feature usually vinyl repair glue that matches your vinyl furniture in color. Here, the patches go under the holes, and then they are covered in layers of this colored glue to create an incredibly smooth finish.
  • Heating required. If you want an almost perfect repair of the damage, then this might be just for you. This method requires you to mix colored glue until you get the exact color of your furniture. Then, put it on the area via a heated clothes iron.
  • Cemented solution. This method of repair features applying liquid cement via a brush in order to hold the vinyl patch. This is the most durable method out of all repair techniques.
  • Dyes and finishes. Last but not the least, this treatment allows you to restore the amazing initial color of your furniture.

Additionally, there are some aspects you have to consider when choosing a vinyl repair equipment bundle. These aspects encompass:

  • The areas of damage. It will decide how big the vinyl mends need to be. Additionally, it is always recommended to get the vinyl mends without any sharp edges. They can be accidentally caught on something and ripped off.
  • Patch/mend surface. Some people get carried away by the color matching, and forget that the fabric texture has to match too! Vinyl leather has two distinctly different finishes: the glossy one and the rough one. Examine what your furniture has and make the correct decision!
  • Color. You have to match the dyes and vinyl patches with the color of your vinyl furniture, so that the repair job does not look silly.

Problems with Vinyl Furniture and Vinyl Upholstery Repair


Now that we are done with the repair equipment bundles and the different repair techniques, let’s tackle how to approach different kinds of vinyl furniture damage. In the next sections, you will find out how to repair vinyl furniture.

1. Repairing Vinyl Car Seats and Home Furniture with Small Scratches

You know how common the scratches are. Whether they are caused by your keys, your dog or your cat: the vinyl furniture, as well as vinyl car seats, will get scratched over time, and it does not matter how careful you are. Here is how to repair vinyl seats with scratches.

Incredibly small scratches that cannot be felt require only a colored dye/finish. Deeper scratches (for example, from keys) need to be sanded and then dyed with enough layers to smooth out the finish. You might need to apply the dye in a number of sessions to get the best result.

2. Repairing Vinyl That Is Peeling

scretched seat

Peeling is a ubiquitous trademark of vinyl leather. You just cannot avoid it: it begins with nail-thin cracks turning into scar-like scratches, and then showing the plastic base under the faux leather finish. Here is how to fix peeling vinyl couch.

It may be fixed with a combination of a vinyl patch and a colored finish-filler. You attach the patch atop the damaged area via an adhesive, then sand it, and apply the colored solution to make the repair invisible.

Here Is How to Repair Vinyl Tear and Holes

This kind of damage is the most severe of all: something either tears or punctures the vinyl furniture so much that stuffing can be seen. Let’s observe how to repair vinyl couch and other furniture with such major damage.

First of all, you have to get all the stuffing back inside the hole. Then, put the vinyl patch inside the tear/hole and attach it via an adhesive. Fill the area where the patch is with a dye-filler. Then, attach another patch covering all the damaged areas. Sand it, and apply the simple dye again. This is how to patch vinyl successfully.


Those were the most common problems with vinyl furniture and the ways to fix them. Now, I will answer some commonly asked questions regarding this topic.

How to Preserve Vinyl Upholstery?

You have to recondition vinyl furniture regularly, based on how often it is used. A vinyl seat that is used daily should be reconditioned annually. There are numerous vinyl and leather reconditioning kits available online with detailed instructions. Reconditioning encompasses covering your furniture with various finishes to keep it soft and nice to touch.

Is Vinyl Eco-Friendly?

No, it is not. The chemicals used to create it are very damaging to nature. So, repairing the vinyl furniture you already have and not buying new is the best way to care for the environment.


Thank you for reading this article on vinyl degradation repairs. I hope that it was an interesting piece of information for you and that you enjoyed it wholeheartedly. By now, you can become a real vinyl leather repair technician and not only consult other people on the matter but also do the repairs yourself.

Vinyl seat repair or vinyl chair repair may seem daunting at first, especially if you have not repaired anything major in your life. However, if you put your mind to it, you will easily accomplish this task. After all, you want to make your furniture look great and save money on repairing it.

In any case, I want to hear back from you! Did you like the article? Have I forgotten to mention something? Please share your thoughts in the comments section down below. I would love to learn about your experiences with repairing vinyl leather furniture!

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Sean Chapman

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