Top 8 Handyman Fails

First, let’s find out who the handyman is. A handyman is a person who is skilled in a variety of repairs, usually around the house. These tasks can be classified as “side work” or “fix-up tasks” and include trade skills, repair work, and maintenance work. They can be done both inside and outside. Light plumbing jobs, such as fixing a leaky toilet, or light electrical jobs, such as changing a light fixture or bulb, are examples of these jobs. Alas, such “everyday superheroes” are still ordinary people who also make mistakes.

The most common fails of handyman

1. Doesn’t worry about dimensions

Sometimes a handyman can place appliances, drawers, and furniture so that it is not possible to use the item later. Due to incorrect placement, people sometimes cannot fully open the door or drawer in the closet, because some other device prevents it from opening to the full extent. I think you have seen more than one video where people face this situation.

2. Incorrectly placed tiles on the floor

This is one of the most painful situations for perfectionists – imagine that you come into the kitchen, and see that instead of having a beautiful floor design you are left with a chaotic mosaic!

3. Likes to make extra holes 

Some handymen don’t like to use a wiring diagram and think that they know better where all conducts are. After these amateur activities, you always have around five extra holes, which you actually don’t need. 

4. Always carelessly

If the handyman doesn’t really care about the sufficiency of his job, you might end up having a badly fixed shelf and, as a result, your favorite vase is broken.

5. Incorrect arrangement of things

A washing machine under a gas stove, a light switch at the other end of the room, wiring in the bathroom… well, I guess you see what I mean?

6. Not caring much about leaving his workplace clean

 How many times did you wash the floor after the handyman has finished his job? Bet that you did it every time. No matter what was the handyman’s task, they leave a mess after – dusty shelves, dirty floor, dirty water spills all around – be ready to deal with that. 

7. Duct tape enthusiast

Everything that is not glued or nailed, can be fixed with duct tape. But everyone can agree that there is always a limit to that solution. Nobody wants extra tape on the windows, cornice, and wires.

8. Having a break every 5 minutes 

Handymen, who like to do everything slowly tend to work for 15 minutes and have a cup of coffee for another 20 minutes. After that, they might work for 10 minutes more and go out for a cigarette. People like to calm themselves by thinking that high-quality performance and great results are worth that, but you must admit that time is money. No one wants to spend the whole day sitting at home and waiting for the handyman to finish his work., t

So, now, you know how to identify a non-responsible handyman, next time, be very careful, and attentive when calling one for help. Remember, a good specialist always consults with you before starting work, eats at home, doesn’t put your money for materials in his pocket, and always issues you a bill. If you don’t wanna make a mistake, look for the handyman invoice template, there is a wonderful example of what you may be looking for. Care about your time and yourself.

Sean Chapman
Sean Chapman

“A good tool stays with you for many years and choosing carefully ensures the job is done right, your work is neat, and the tool is always a pleasure to use”

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