Scroll Saw vs Band Saw – Choose the Right Tool for the Job

If you are looking for a tool to cut intricate designs and patterns into wood, it can be confusing to choose between a scroll saw vs band saw. It’s not as easy as it seems, as there are many differences between the two. Let’s take a look at scroll and band saw differences.

What is Band Saw?

A band saw is a cutting machine that is used to cut materials without the need for you to manually move the material. It has a blade that moves like a motorized saw, and it is commonly used for cutting wood, plastic, and metal. This tool is also known as a resaw or a circular saw.

The band model is the most popular saw used in woodworking and is available in different sizes. It is a hand-held machine that has a large blade that attaches to the machine. The blade has two abrasive surfaces that are designed to cut the material.

Most folks will agree that owning a band saw is a good idea, considering the versatility that it is able to offer for any workshop or garage. It’s a great tool for cutting out curved patterns, and it is better than using a jigsaw in terms of portability and precision.

When to use a band saw?

When to use a band saw?

With all the available tools, it may be difficult to decide if a band saw is a right tool for your woodworking. This is an excellent and versatile tool. It is perfect for cutting curves and intricate designs in wood. This model can cut across the grain, which is useful for making furniture parts, for example.

It is also better to use this tool for curved cuts because it is continuous and the blade can be easily removed and replaced. All in all, the band saw is a good choice for cutting curves, especially if they are fairly gentle ones.

  • Cheaper than a scroll saw;
  • If you have a lot of woodworking skills, you can make a lot of complicated projects with it;
  • It’s mobile and doesn’t take a lot of space.
  • It is difficult to control the blade – it is rather dangerous, even when used by an experienced person.

What is Scroll Saw?

what is a scroll saw

A scroll saw is a smaller cutting machine that is used to cut intricate designs into wood and other materials. It is not used for cutting large pieces of material. The blade is attached to a pivoting arm and is moved back and forth to cut the materials. This tool is also known as a coping saw.

It is a very flexible tool that can be used to cut out a small piece or to cut out a very large piece. It is an extremely popular tool for woodworkers because of the large number of different cuts that can be made.

When to use a scroll saw?

When to use a scroll saw?

This tool is not suitable for every project. If you’re building a birdhouse or a picnic table, a scroll saw is not your best choice. If you’re trying to cut intricate patterns into the wood and you need a smooth, clear cut that is very fine, a scroll saw will do the job.

Before using your tool, read the owner’s manual to make sure you know how to operate it safely. If you’re not comfortable using the tool, practice on some scrap wood before you try doing a project with it.

  • Less noise;
  • Can be used to cut contoured shapes and curves;
  • Can cut a very wide range of materials: plastics (PMMA, ABS, PVC, silicone), wood, soft metals, glass, and stone;
  • It can be used to cut curves, shapes, and even intricate designs.
  • It’s hard to get into tight areas; The blades are very expensive and have to be changed often.

Difference Between Band Saw and Scroll Saw

scroll saw

If you are still confused as to whether you should get a band saw or a scroll saw, we will shed some light on the differences between the two.

The blade of a scroll saw is thinner than that of a band one, but the cutting speed is not as fast as the scroll’s counterpart. An average scroll saw can cut at a speed of 500-1000 strokes per minute.

The blades of a scroll model are thinner than those of a band saw, which allows you to cut intricate designs into wood. The blades of a scroll saw are also reversible, so you can cut both sides of the material at the same time.

The blades of a band saw are thick and made of a solid material. This is a continuous blade and can cut through large pieces of material. You can also use this model to cut metal.

Which Saw Do I Need?

If you are looking for a tool to cut intricate designs into wood, the scroll saw is the better option. It is a small and quiet tool that is ideal for doing intricate woodwork.

A band saw is a much more versatile tool than a scroll one. It is more expensive, but it can cut both wood and metal and is a great option if you want to cut larger pieces of material.

A scroll saw is similar to a band one in that it cuts with a continuous loop of material. However, it’s much smaller, and the material can be cut into different lengths.


Here are some of the most common questions I get asked about the saws and my answers.

Which is better scroll saw or band saw?

Band saw is much more powerful than a scroll one. It can cut metal, wood, and other materials. Scroll saw is better for making detailed cuts.

Is a scroll saw safer than a band saw?

The answer is a definite maybe. The last one is a much more powerful tool. It has the power to rip through the material, while a scroll model has to laboriously cut through. The band saw is more likely to kickback as well, but both tools can cause injury if used incorrectly.

Can I use the same blades for my scroll saw as I use for my band saw?

No, for the most part, you can’t, but there are some blades that you can use for both. Scroll saw blades are thinner, so you’re limited to blades up to about 2 1/8″ wide. Band saw blades are thicker, so you’re limited to blades up to about 1 3/4″ wide.

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Both the scroll and the band saw are very useful tools that can be used to make some very nice-looking pieces of woodwork. They both have their pros and cons. In this article, we have compared the scroll saw vs band saw and highlighting their differences.

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