The Best Attic Antenna: Picking Up the Right One for You

If you don’t want to overpay for your cable, you may start looking for the best attic antenna for tv. It will save you money and provide you with a high quality of the image. However, you need to take into consideration several factors, including the quality of the signals and natural obstacles on its way. 

You may quickly find the most suitable option for you here, on the list I’ve made for you. Don’t forget that you have to choose the antenna wisely, checking out possible natural barriers for a signal at your area, specifics of your house, and the amount of money you are ready to pay for the product.

I recommend you to check all these attic antenna reviews. I gathered only the most trustable and bestselling items here, which I have checked myself. If you have different opinions about any of them, you may use the comments section to express it.

Top 7 Attic Antennas for Your TV

Top Pick
TV Antenna - RCA Outdoor Yagi Satellite...
Premium Choice
Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 TV...
Runner Up
GE Pro Outdoor TV Antenna, Long Range...
Long range of signal.
Works for indoors and outdoors.
The simplicity of installation.
Top Pick
TV Antenna - RCA Outdoor Yagi Satellite...
Long range of signal.
Premium Choice
Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 TV...
Works for indoors and outdoors.
Runner Up
GE Pro Outdoor TV Antenna, Long Range...
The simplicity of installation.

Here is my top list of attic antennas that I recommend. I hope it will be useful to you. I did detailed reviews which will help you to choose the best attic tv antenna. Pay attention to weight, strength, HDTV quality, and durability.

My advice is to read the review, check out the pros and cons, pay attention to the weight and size of the product, and its strength. You may also find reviews of people who have already bought these antennas in the store. Compare the information with your own demands and buy the most suitable one.

My Top Pick: RCA Yagi Satellite HD Antenna – Over 70 Mile Long Range Attic TV Antenna

This antenna offers clear signal reception on your TV set of 4K 1080P. It allows you to watch your favorite network channels, including NBC, Fox, and even ABC, with a high resolution. 

Besides, you will not have to pay bills from cable tv or prolong your monthly subscription, as you can watch all the sitcoms free of charge. It is not limited to 4K pictures, and some programs are transmitted in 8K high quality. This product does not have to stay nearby the broadcast tower. The signal will be received in the range of 70 miles.


  • Strength: antenna receives the signal on the area of 70 miles;
  • Offers 4K,8K, 1080 HDTV pictures;
  • Can be placed at the attic and outdoors;
  • Simple to install. The pack contains instructions. There are only a few steps to do, like put the mast clamp-on, connect the coax cable, open the elements, attach another end of the cable to your TV set, set antenna where you want;
  • Its size: 34.5 inches x 33.1 inches x 24.2 inches;
  • Weight of the package: 2 pounds.

Forget about storms and heavy rains. This antenna withstands different weather outdoors. You can arrange it either in the attic or outside the house. Don’t worry, the whole installation process does not take long.

The design is advanced, and many parts of the antenna are already preinstalled. You have to follow simple instructions that are attached to the package. All the details are packed in a separate bag. However, if you need a 75-ohm coaxial cable, you have to buy it separately. There is an app RCA Signal Finder that helps you find the most interesting channels.

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Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 TV Antenna – Adjustable Multi-Directional Attic Mounted Antenna

This antenna also covers over 70 miles distance to the broadcasting towers. No matter what obstacles are on the way, including buildings, mountains, or other location specifics, this powerful tool provides high-quality video and audio. You can watch free channels like MeTV, CW, ABC, NBC, FOX. There are numerous networks and channels in 1080 FullHD quality.

The design of these antennas is multidirectional, which guarantees a wider range of reception and possibilities for TV owners. The product consists of 4 powerful antennas, 20 inches mount, hardware that is resistant to any weather conditions.

Features of the product:

  • Dimensions: 18 inches long x 28 inches wide, 8 inches in diameter;
  • Design is 4 quad loop creative, made in black color;
  • Antennas receive the signal on over 70 miles distance;
  • It weighs 8 pounds;
  • The mount is 20 inches;
  • There is a lifetime warranty on some parts of the product.

Antennas Direct developers offer a lifetime warranty for some parts of the product. They are a popular brand that provides you with free TV channels no matter where you are. While the coaxial cable is sold separately, you can buy it from them. Antennas are easy to install.

There is a long handle that you have to attach to the attic or any other place. The detailed instruction that comes inside the package will be helpful for you. I recommend this product for those who have problems with the quality of the signal, and customers who live in suburban and rural areas.

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GE Pro Attic Mountable TV Antenna – Whole House Attic Antenna with HDTV Digital Quality

No matter what you are looking for, whether it is an indoor item or ota attic antenna, this is the perfect choice for Full HD 1080 P fans, with VHF and UHF powerful signals. This antenna is resistant to versatile weather conditions. It offers multiple free of charge channels in HD quality. 

Networks like PBS, CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC are there for you. You don’t have to pay for cable tv to watch tv shows, movies, kids programs, or sports. The signal is uncompressed and clear, no matter where you put the antenna. The area of coverage is 70+ miles from the broadcasting tower.

Features of antennae from GE:

  • Dimensions: 29 inches wide x 20.5 inches length x 15 inches diameter;
  • It weighs 3 pounds;
  • It offers 4K, 8K Ultra HD and 1080P Full HD quality;
  • The pack includes detailed step by step instructions and all the pieces you are required to install antenna;
  • There is a mounting bracket that is resistant to the bad weather, J-mount, and mast clamp for an easy install on any surface.

GE company offers smart technologies for your house. It is an American developer with a huge audience of satisfied customers. They offer a lifetime warranty for the antenna. I, personally, like it because it is extremely simple to attach even to the wall or roof. 

The grip is tight enough and can handle storms or severe winds and rains. If you need coax cable or Antenna Amplifier Splitter from GE, you can order it together with this product.

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McDuory Digital HDTV Antenna – Optimized In Attic Antenna for HDTV

This antenna looks futuristic and stylish. Besides, it is incredibly powerful. From your TV set to the broadcast tower can be 150 miles distance. It also comes with an RG6 coaxial cable on 40 feet. The antenna is multidirectional, which helps to find the signal in no time.

 Besides, this design doubles the number of networks you can watch. The reception angle of this item is 180 degrees. As for the quality of video and audio, the antenna accepts and transmits uncompressed HD pictures, 4K, and even channels with 3D. 

There is no need to pay for cable. This antenna offers you to keep up with local news, weather forecasts, children programs, sitcoms, and sports free of charge.

Main features:

  • Quality of video: 1080 HD, 4K UHD, 3D;
  • Resistant to water and UV, windproof;
  • Multi-directional, 4 Bay phased antenna, with 180-degree angle;
  • The package includes all the tools and equipment you will need for the install process, including step-by-step instruction;
  • One year warranty;
  • Dimensions: 17.4 inches x 13.3 inches x 5.7 inches;
  • Weight: 6.39 pounds.

McDuory company produces various TV antennas for different houses, both indoors and outdoors use, versatile power of signals. You can also choose splitters and adapters for your antenna if you need them. 

This product is already packed with everything you may need. It also has light indicators that are on when the antenna works. The item is packed with coaxial cable and 16.5 inches mounting pole. There is a one year warranty with 45 days money back.

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ANTOP HD Digital TV Antenna – Waterproof and Amplified Attic Antenna with Noise-Free Filter

This antenna made by Antop comes with a 39ft coaxial cable. It provides HDTV quality video in a 70 miles reception range from the broadcasting tower. This product is multidirectional, which helps to accept signals from different towers and extends a variety of channels available for you.

The antenna is waterproof and resistant to the wind. It can be attached to the roof via special mounting that you can find in the package. You may also attach it to the wall, balcony, or place in your attic. The waterproof coating protects the device from damage. The signal is still strong and powerful even when it rains.

Main features of antenna:

  • Dimensions: 10.23 inches x 23.46 inches x 4.72 inches;
  • Weight: 7.72 pounds;
  • The package includes an antenna with 4G noise-free filter, coaxial cable, smartpass amplifier, converter box, instruction on how to install the product;
  • Waterproof and wind-resistant cap;
  • HDTV quality of the signal.

The installation of the antenna does not require any additional tools. It is simple and comfortable to adjust to your wall or roof. Besides, it is well designed and visually attractive. A smartpass amplifier receives either short or long-range reception.

The 4G filter blocks wireless 3G and 4G signals, so they do not create any extra noise for digital TV reception. Antop manufacturer develops antennas for indoors and outdoors, cables, signal boosters for your TV.

They include all the details you may need during the installation of the antenna. There is a table stand so you can place it on the floor.

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Antennas Direct 8-Element Bowtie TV Antenna – The Best HD Antenna for Attic for a 70 Miles Distance

These antennas are multi-directional and can be installed on versatile surfaces, including the attic, walls, or even the roof. There is a bracket that allows you to turn the panels with antennas, in case you want to improve the quality of the signal or change it. Hardware is covered with a special coating, water, and wind-resistant. There are different options offered to customers. 

You can buy 45 mile, 60 mile, and 70 mile antennas. I recommend going for the 70 mile antenna, as it is perfect for any location, even rural or suburbia. On the item, there are 8 compact bowtie antennas with a changeable direction. You receive free access to multiple networks, available in FullHD quality.

Features of bowtie antennas:

  • Dimensions: 48 inches length x 36 inches width x 6 inches diameter;
  • There is a 75 ohm F connector;
  • You are going to need 2 cables of 28 inches to connect the panels of the antenna;
  • Weight of the product is 10 pounds;
  • There is a warranty of a lifetime on specific parts of the antenna;
  • The quality of the video is 1080 Full HD, less compressed than cable or satellite broadcast.

This product is comfortable to install, even on the roof. It comes with detailed instructions. However, there are no coaxial cables or mount in the pack. If you don’t have them at home and you believe you need them, you can order both separately. Antennas Direct developers offer a lifetime warranty on some parts of the antenna.

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Winegard Platinum Series – Compact HDTV Antenna of a Long-Range Area

You can either order an antenna with a preamplifier, pipe mount, tower mount, or single item. If you are planning to put it on the attic, I recommend you buy a single antenna without anything else. This product offers a 45-mile range and HD quality of the video and audio. 

It can also be attached outdoors, to the wall or roof. It receives UHF and VHF signals and transmits it without interruption. The antenna is perfect for small places, as it is compact. However, you need to consider that it has a 45-mile range, and you need to stay closer to the broadcasting towers than with the previous antennas I’ve described.


  • Quality of signal is 4K ultra HD;
  • Made in the USA;
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 78 inches;
  • Weight of the product: 6.7 pounds.

It was produced by Winegard, a well-known developer of antennas, the leading US company. It also produces the equipment for a better signal reception since 1954. This item is designed and made in the USA.

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Detailed Guide on TV Antennas

The Best Attic Antenna image 1

Depending on the specifics of your region, the empty space you can provide, the quality of the signal, options can change significantly. The price you are willing to pay for the antenna is extremely important too. On average, the price for a good product of a high-quality can vary from $50 to $150, depending on the features. 

I do not recommend going for the cheapest items as they may be of poor quality and with a lack of necessary functions. Despite the attractive price, it is completely unreliable. 

Antennas from unknown developers, with negative reviews, lack of vital features will cost you even more money, as you will have to buy another one of better quality in no time. So, here are the things you have to consider.

Don’t forget to check out your own abilities before you buy it. If the antenna looks perfect, it does not mean you have to buy it no matter what. Make sure it is suitable for you.

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Types of Antennas

There are only two types of antennas for TV, which are amplified and unamplified. Amplified antenna increases the strength of the signal and requires an amount of power to work. The unamplified antenna is connected through the cable and is similar to the conventional one. Antennas that I describe are either amplified already or compatible with amplifiers.

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Frequency Ranges

We also differentiate antennas by the quality of the signal. It can be either Ultra High Frequency, which is UHF in short, or Very High Frequency (VHF). However, all antennas that I recommend have both of these features. It significantly increases your abilities.

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Directional or Multidirectional

It does not matter how strong your antenna is if it looks in the wrong direction to the broadcast towers. You have to find out the location of these towers before buying an antenna. The distance between your house and the tower is vital as well. 

Make sure that the antenna on the attic can catch waves from the tower, facing it. The directional antenna catches the signal from one direction. The multi-directional antenna receives signals from various directions.

Directional antennas usually receive the signal from a greater distance and are resistant to background noise. Multi-directional receives signals from multiple directions but has a shorter distance from the signal.

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If you don’t have an amplified antenna, you may want to buy an additional amplifier. Usually, it is offered by the same manufacturers. However, many antennas already contain preinstalled amplifiers. The antenna amplifier is incredibly useful for people who live in the area of numerous obstructions to signals.

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Number of networks to watch

The number of networks is wide enough so you can easily unsubscribe from cable TV. You receive access to local news, weather forecasts, sports, kids’ channels, TV shows, and movies. Usually, the networks broadcast on your TV are PBS, CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC.

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Attic building materials

Items from my list do not require any specific knowledge unless you are wondering how to build your own antenna. However, I still recommend you to work tin pairs, just to make sure that somebody is holding the ladder while you are climbing to the roof or up to the wall. 

All the tools and details come in a package, together with the detailed instruction. Some of these antennas do not contain mount and coaxial cable, and you have to buy it separately. You can hang an antenna on the wall or even put it on the floor, just make sure it is stable.

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Tips for Installing an Antenna in the Attic

Pay attention to the dimensions of the antenna; make sure it suits perfectly in your attic. The height of the antenna is also important as it affects the performance. Find the location of the broadcast towers and put the antenna in the right direction, even if it is a multidirectional device. 

If you want your antenna to last longer, you have to keep it far from children or pets. Make sure it is unreachable for them. You can fasten it to the wall or under the roof for better safety.

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FAQ: Everything you Wanted to Know about Antennas

These are just a few questions that are asked the most often. They will help you to learn more about attic antennas. If you have an opposite opinion, you are welcome to leave comments under the text.

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Do I need to ground my attic antenna?

It depends. Normally, attic antennas do not require grounding. However, you may need to ground the coax cable, as it will run in your house. Ground it, when the cable enters the house. You can also use a ground antenna for better safety. You put an antenna high in the attic. 

It receives signals with electric charges. This way, you will also feel safer during the lightning. National Electrical Code recommends grounding any antennas and digital television cable no matter what the coating is.

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Does aluminum foil boost antenna signal?

Sometimes aluminum foil wrapped around the attic antenna increases the signal, especially if you build your own digital antenna. Why does it happen? Foil made from aluminum extends the territory of signal for the antenna. 

However, if you have such a poor quality of the signal, you need to think about changing the antenna in the first place. It does not have to be this way. Pick the product that is most suitable for the distance between your house and the broadcast tower. If you still need to increase the signal, use an amplifier of high quality.

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How to set up an HD antenna in an attic?

There are some differences between antennas and their installing processes. I recommend always reading instruction. However, usually, it happens this way:

  • Buy a television antenna. Make sure its size fits the area;
  • Go to the attic;
  • Check whether the antenna’s location faces broadcast towers. Use the tools to attach the antenna to the wall or wooden pole, close to the roof;
  • Attach the coax cable;
  • Connect the cable with your TV.
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How many signals will be lost when compared to mounting the antenna outside?

All the antennas on the list were designed specifically for attics. They are located close to the roof but protected from changing weather conditions outside. This way, they have similarly powerful signals while staying safe under the roof. 

An ordinary antenna’s signal may be better on the roof, where it is not surrounded by the walls. However, attic antennas have an incredibly powerful signal with a wide area to receive signal. As long as it is pointing towards the broadcast tower, the quality of the signal will be equally high.

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Are some TV signals too weak to be received with an attic mounted TV antenna?

There are many obstacles that may appear on your way to the better quality of video and audio on your TV. The first thing you need to consider is the distance between your house and the so-called radio masts and towers. Check out the length of the signal on the pack of the antenna. The most popular length is 75 miles. However, there are smaller and longer distances available.

Another obstacle is a radiant barrier. TV reception can be blocked by siding, insulated windows, stucco grid. Make sure there are no building materials or metals on the way of the antenna. Suppose there are huge metal constructions or other barriers between your house and the tower. 

In that case, you can either put an antenna higher than these constructions or increase the power with an amplifier. You may also buy a powerful multidirectional antenna in the first place.

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Choose the Perfect Attic Antenna

There is one simple recommendation suitable for everyone. You have to compare your specific demands with features of the antenna. If it fits perfectly, this is the best antenna you can find; you can make an order. 

Don’t agree with something you don’t want. There is no point in ordering products with the low length of signal and hoping to increase it with the aluminum foil. 

Calculate the distance between you and the broadcast tower, and pick the most suitable antenna. If you need multi-directional, you will find the best options on the list. I ask you to share your opinion on antennas from my list if you have tried them already. How do you like them?

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