Best Ultrasonic Mouse Repellers to Buy in 2024

If you are looking for a more humane way to get rid of mice at home than killing or trapping them, the best ultrasonic mouse repeller is your choice. Unlike traps, you don’t have to find where to take the mouse and clean after.

You don’t need to worry about children or pets getting into any trouble while you are trying to catch the pest. However, you may get lost among all the offers on the market. This is why I am going to share ultrasonic mouse repeller reviews with you. I hope it will help you to find the most suitable tool for you.

Top 5 Best Ultrasonic Mouse Repellers Reviews

No matter which ultrasound mice repellent you choose, it is still the most humane way to protect your house from pests without killing them. You don’t need any poison or trap that may accidentally harm your children or pets. Here is my top list of favorites that I’ve tried myself.

  1. BRISON Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
  2. eHouse Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
  3. Loraffe Under Hood Animal Repeller
  4. Control Indoor Ultrasonic Repeller
  5. Diaotec Ultrasonic Repeller 3 in 1

1. Brison – Portable and Eco-Friendly Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller (My Top Pick)

This repeller works well for mice, rats, spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and ants. It spreads ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves, unnoticeable for humans, but unbearable for pests.

I also appreciate the Led light that is pulsing during the night, like a tiny night light. In 3-4 weeks, you will notice that all the pests are gone. Unlike many similar repellers, this pest runner can be placed even outdoors if it is protected from rain and other sources of water.

To make it work, simply plug into the outlet. Make sure that the device works by checking out the pulsing blue light. If you have noticed that there are more pests appearing after you plugged in the repeller, don’t worry, they just came up from hiding places.

BRISON Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Brison is the company that produces ultrasonic eco-friendly repellers, and also gives this item a full money-back guarantee in 3 weeks if it does not work. It has a compact size of 3,9 inches height x 2,3 inches width. You can place it even behind the sofa or cupboard.

  • A savvy offer of 2 repellers in a box;
  • Flawless work;
  • Great for outdoors as well as indoors;
  • Night light;
  • Affordable price.
Could be better:
  • The significant results may be noticed after 3 weeks.

2. eHouse Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – Universal Plug in Mouse Deterrent for any Season (Runner Up)

Apart from mice, this tool is effective against any type of small rodents, from rats to squirrels, as well as fruit flies, mosquitoes, fleas, ants, spiders, roaches, and even bed bugs. There are no chemicals or toxic ingredients inside the repeller. It has powerful ultrasonic technology that makes an impact on several dozens of species. While the devices are not big, its waves spread on up to 1600 sq ft.

All the repeller requires is a socket with 100-240V. You may install it in the basement, attic, any room. However, many companies, restaurants, and hospitals use this tool, as well. There is a lifetime warranty from House.

Developers assure that in 8 days, you notice a 40 percent effect, in 2 weeks 70 percent, and the maximum effect with no pests around will be visible in 1 month. One of the main benefits of this tool, besides the big radius of impact, is that it handles -31F in winter and +100F in summer.

  • Act on 1600 sq ft territory;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Scares away versatile pests;
  • Works both indoors and outdoors;
  • Affordable price.
Could be better:
  • It requires a 240V supply voltage for work.

3. Loraffe Under Hood Animal Repeller – Ultrasonic Pest Repeller on Batteries for Vehicles

This is the perfect tool for your car. It does not require access to electricity and works on batteries, which are easy to replace. All you need is 3 AA alkaline batteries for work.

There is a Led strobe light that indicates whether the tool is currently working. You can place it in any vehicle, including a boat, tractor, car. While this item was originally created to ease drivers’ life, you can put it anywhere you want around the house.

The tool scares away mice, chipmunks, rats, squirrels, among other rodents. Since it does not require any wires or cables, you can carry it with you. The repeller is only 7.2 ounces. I recommend buying 3 rechargeable batteries and making sure they are still on after several days.

Usually, this tool does not consume much battery life. Yet, the original package does not include batteries.

  • Works on 3 batteries;
  • Cordless and easy to transport;
  • Scares away multiple types of rodents;
  • Affordable price;
  • Two led lights.
Could be better:
  • The batteries are not included in the package.

4. Control Indoor Ultrasonic Repeller – Electronic Mouse Deterrent with Powerful Speaker

No products found.

This repeller looks like it just came out from outer space, so all sci-fi fans will appreciate its round white shape and gigantic speaker to make a hostile environment to mice. It also scares away rats, versatile rodents, and different small pests.

It is perfect to use in large territories, including big rooms, attics, kitchens, basements. It is non-toxic and completely free of chemicals. And what I like the most about this tool is that I can adjust the frequency of waves, from 30 Hz to 62 Hz.

Make sure you can find the place for this tool somewhere near the socket, as it requires the electricity for its work. According to the developers of this product, Sevinnock, the repeller is so efficient mainly because of innovative 5 level control of the quality system.

Developers state that rodents can’t come closer than 100 meters from the repeller. No mice are used to the ultrasound waves, yet, your pets do not hear these sounds.

  • Rodents don’t get used to the repeller;
  • Simple in use;
  • The large radius of action;
  • Works on multiple types of rodents;
  • Affordable price.
Could be better:
  • It requires to be plugged into a socket.

5. Diaotec Ultrasonic Repeller 3 in 1 – The Best Mice Repellent for Home with 6000 sq ft Radius

This repeller is slightly bigger than other products from the list. It is still highly effective against pests. To make it work, you have to plug in the repeller. It can be used both in private houses and in offices, hospitals, schools.

It is effective in the area of 5000-6000 sq ft. Due to its round shape, it sends signals to 360 degrees. The wave can be adjusted manually from 26KHz to 60KHz. There are several modes on the repeller. In Test mode, it simulates sound that scares away pests, in Ultra mode, it scares mice away, in Trans mode, it is more effective with squirrels. There is a Duo mode for both mice and squirrels.

For a better effect, you can put devices in every room. You have to wait for 3-5 weeks to see the results. Don’t turn it on during this time. Besides, I recommend you to put it above the ground, somewhere safe from water.

  • Stylish design;
  • Covers large territories;
  • The frequency range is up to 65KHz;
  • Affordable price;
  • The effect is visible in 3 weeks.
Could be better:
  • You have to keep this device at least 1 ft above the ground.

Buyer’s Guide and FAQ

Diaotec Squirrel Repellent Ultrasonic

Since it is not easy to find the most suitable best electronic mouse repellent even from this tiny list I’ve made, let’s find out more about these gadgets. The first thing that comes to mind is that they are more humane compared to other options you have. They do not kill mice.

What are ultrasonic mouse repellers?

Ultrasonic repellers against mice are devices, usually small, that provide sound waves of a high frequency. These waves are hostile for pests, but can’t be heard by pets or people. Yet, if you have a mouse as your pet, you can’t use the repellent in the house.

Usually, these devices must be connected to the socket somewhere around the place where the rodent was noticed. Depending on the radius of action, you may choose the place where you want to place the repeller. Once mice hear the sound, which is like a jackhammer, incredibly loud for them, they move away.

How do ultrasonic repellers work?

Each ultrasonic device for the mouse must be turned on to work. Some of them work on batteries and do not have cords; others require a 240V power socket. Some repellers offer to change the frequency of waves, like Control Indoor Ultrasonic Repeller, others don’t.

Almost all of them have a light installed that indicates that the device works, like Brison Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. After the device starts working, the number of rodents may increase slightly, as they will come out of their hiding places. Don’t turn it off. The effect will be visible in a month.

The benefits of using an ultrasonic mouse repellent

Compared to all other ways of getting rid of mice, this tool is the most humane. Besides, it has numerous benefits that may vary based on the specifics of each repellent. The most widespread features that users appreciate:

  • Eco-Friendliness. This tool is eco-friendly, non-toxic and does not contain any harmful substances for you or your family. While there is always a risk that your pet may eat mice’s poison, the repeller does not contain any of it.
  • Easy to use. If you have a cordless repeller on batteries, all you need is batteries to turn it on; if you have a classic repeller on the cord, you need electric power from a socket.
  • Long-distance radius. All the repellers on the list work well on the long distance of up to 6000 sq ft. Depending on which one you choose, you can get rid of all the mice around. The shortest distance of action is still the room.
  • Cleanliness. There is no way that you will have to grab dead pests and throw them away. All the pests will simple keep away from the place and won’t come near than 100 meters.
  • Variety of pests. All the repellers on the list work well on mice, rats, and other rodents. Besides, they can scare away pests like cockroaches, ants, bugs, spiders, and even wasps.

How to use an ultrasonic mouse repeller in your home?

Since mouse repellers are family-friendly, they are safe to put anywhere around the house. However, owners of rats, mice, squirrels as their pets can’t use the repeller. The same goes for owners of exotic spiders, ants colonies, or cockroaches. While ultrasound waves are inaudible for humans and big animals, they are too loud for pests. Here is your step-by-step instruction on how to use repeller:

  • Find out where the mice are coming from and bring the repeller there;
  • Make sure that there is no water near the repeller;
  • To increase the power, you can place one repeller in each room;
  • Turn the repeller on and make sure it works;
  • Check out the progress.

In case you have a severe infestation, you may combine several methods of pest control for better efficiency. For example, put the traps around the house, near the place mice were noticed. Hide all the sources of food.

How to protect pets from side effects of ultrasonic waves?

You have to understand that some pets are vulnerable to these ultrasonic waves. Despite the fact that the repeller is considered to be the most family-friendly measure, and cats or dogs do not hear its sounds, other pets may suffer from it. This is why you need to avoid using the repeller in case you have birds, guinea pigs, fish, lizards, ferrets.

They may even die from the sound you can’t even hear. Besides, pets like mice, rats, spiders, ants, cockroaches definitely hear all these waves. If you still want to use a repeller in the house, make sure that waves do not reach your pets.

Ways to keep mice out for good

Repeller greatly matches with any other ways to get rid of mice fast. You can combine it with various traps or poisons. However, you don’t have to forget that the repeller must not be turned off. Visible effects will be noticed in 1-2 weeks; however, the main changes may happen not early than 1 month after the repeller was activated.

Popular questions

Control - T2

Here are the most popular questions that buyers normally ask sellers. I have gathered a few of them here, hoping that they will be the most informative for you. Check them out before ordering any repellers. I answer each of them based on my personal experience. If you disagree with my advice, you can mention it in the comments below.

Do ultrasonic pest repellers work on mice?

Ultrasonic repellers work on mice, rats, and even bigger rodents like squirrels. They can be audible to insects as well. You can notice the work of the ultrasonic waves on the mice, as the pest will be stunned, passive, and will hardly be able to move.

The sound for mice is like a jackhammer that does not stop. This is why mice will rush away every time they hear it. They are unable to continue to live to hear such loud sounds. And unlike some poisons, mice can’t get immune to the ultrasonic waves.

What is the best ultrasonic mice repeller?

The best one is probably that repeller that is more convenient to you and scares away all the mice you have. Choose the one that is the most suitable for your situation. You may want to consider repellents for outdoors, indoors, or cars.

Depending on the purpose, you can choose whether you need mice or universal repeller for multiple pests. The radius of waves and its frequency is also important. Pay attention to the price. The best repeller does not mean the most expensive one. Choose wisely, and this repeller will be the best for you.

Do ultrasonic pest repellents really work?

Sonic pest repellents from the list I’ve checked myself. I can tell you that they all work splendidly. I’ve recommended them to my friends and received only positive comments. Not all repellers on the market work as effective, so pay attention to the quality of the product, developers, and comments from other clients.

Don’t rush with ordering the first repeller you see. Make sure that the repellent works, watch the lights or lever. It must not be off before you get rid of pests. And if you want to prevent a new wave of infestation, you may want to leave it turned on.

Do repellers scare away birds?

Mice repellers may not help you to get rid of birds. I have mentioned a few universal products that are believed to scare away birds as well, but I have never checked it out. If you want to get rid of birds from your yard or attic, you can pay attention to special ultrasonic bird repellers.

Choosing the Perfect Repeller

I hope that my advice and detailed reviews of these top repellers will help you to make the right choice. They all have their own benefits. I gathered different repellers, not without reason. This way, you have more options in front of you.

You can also buy several items at once – for indoors, outdoors, and your vehicle use. If you have tried at least one of them before, please share your impressions about the repellent in the comments. Was it helpful? Did you get rid of the mice? Did you use it for mice only or other pests as well? No matter whether you have a positive or negative experience with these products, don’t hesitate to write down about it.

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Sean Chapman

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