Corded vs Cordless Circular Saw: What Wins?

Both corded and cordless circular saws make amazing cuts and are effective for various projects and works. However, while corded models offer the convenience of an uninterrupted power supply, cordless models provide increased mobility that lets you forget about dragging a cord.

So, both saws are great at what they do — making perfect cuts, but you still have a choice to make: a corded vs cordless circular saw. In this article, we will take a look at the pros and cons of each of these saws to help you decide which one is right for you!

Corded vs Cordless Circular Saw
The main difference between cordless vs corded circular saw is corded saws must be plugged in to an outlet to work, while cordless saws have a battery that needs to be charged.

Buyer’s Guide: Corded or Cordless Circular Saw

In this guide, I will give you a brief description of the differences between a corded circular saw and a battery-powered circular saw and explain how to determine which one is appropriate for you. Also, consider the pros and cons of each saw.

Corded circular saw

Let’s start with a corded circular saw and learn its features. A corded electric circular saw was the first model seen on the tool marketplaces. Its analog, the cordless model, appeared much later and was charged from the battery, which was the main difference between these saws.

A corded circular saw is powered directly from an electrical outlet using a cord. Yes, the length of the cord can be limited, but, on the other hand, the power has no limit, and thus the ability to cut is higher.

It turns out that the unlimited power source gives a circular saw power advantage, which makes it a favorite for industrial purposes and suitable for home furnishings.

Pros of a corded circular saw

  • Dedicated cutting capacity. Since the corded saw has an unlimited power source, it can generate enough power to cut any material faster and smoother. Moreover, the power supply always remains stable and will not be interrupted in the middle of work;
  • Ideal blades. Unlimited power allows using larger 7.25-inch diameter blades for dedicating cutting jobs and more.
  • No need to replace parts. You don’t have to waste time assembling or replacing parts on this tool, so you can get started as soon as you unpack your new saw.

Cons of a corded circular saw

  • Limited reach. Having a cord limits your working space and ties you to the nearest outlet. Even if you choose the longer cord, your freedom of action is unlikely to extend beyond the building;
  • The cord might get damaged. Since the saw is electricity-powered, you can damage the cord, which is always trailing behind you. If the wire is damaged, you will not be able to continue working until it is repaired.

corded circular saw

Cordless circular saws

A battery-powered saw is a more popular electric tool among home masters and homeowners. Such a saw is almost identical to its corded cousin, except for it runs on a battery rather than electricity.

It’s this particular feature that makes this saw portable. But what else can affect your choice? Let’s take a look below.

Pros of cordless circular saw

  • Safety first. The teeth of a cordless electric saw are smaller, so the risk of serious injury is not that big. Secondly, you will not get tangled in the cord during the working process, which can be dangerous.
  • Portability. This saw has a rechargeable battery that saves users the hassle and risk associated with an electric cord. A cordless saw is highly mobile because you can take it anywhere with you.
  • Easy to use. The cordless models are more convenient and easier to use because you are not in the way of the cord, and your freedom of action is not limited.

Cons of cordless circular saw

  • Limited working hours. In the case of a corded saw, you don’t care how much time you have to work, but a cordless saw is a different story. You need to check whether the battery charges because it has a certain reserve hour, which limits your operating time.
  • Lacks power. Unfortunately, a cordless saw can’t handle large pieces of wood or other materials with greater depth. The saw lacks power because it does not have an unlimited power source like a corded saw. Therefore, it is suitable for less energy-intensive work.

Well, as you see, each saw has its advantages and disadvantages. But which one will suit your needs, the circular saw corded or cordless model? Let’s find out how to choose between those two.

cordless circular saw

Which one is better for you

I am sure that you want to choose the winner among these candidates. By now, you might have figured out when you can get the most out of these saws. It remains to understand how you can apply the tool to get these benefits in your daily life.

Your choice should be based on the balance between power and convenience. You can ask yourself a couple of questions to make the right decision:

Which type of job do I need to do?

If you’re a homeowner who needs to make a few straight cuts here and there, then corded circular saws are the best option, as you’ll get more power access from electricity. Besides, the tool will serve you for a long time.

If you are a contractor or have a yard to work with, cordless circular saws will give you more mobility for an open space job. Thus, you can complete work faster.

What is the budget?

As for the price, there is not much difference between these models. The best-rated circular saw may cost more than a regular one but it does offer some quality assurance.

Do I know the basics of working with a circular saw?

It is an important point to consider when choosing any of these saws because your safety is in your hands. You should not expect the best results from the saw that you do not know how to use correctly.

FAQ on Circular Saw

Do you want to know more about circular saws? Here you can see the most frequently asked questions on the Web.

Are cordless circular saws as powerful as corded?

No, they are less powerful due to the battery power and runtime limitations. A corded circular saw connects to a powerful source of electricity, which is making a big difference in power abilities.

How long does a cordless circular saw last?

A cordless circular saw works as long as the battery lasts. Typically, it can last from 12 to 120 hours of continuous use, depending on what kind of work you need.

What is a cord?

With the help of a cord, a corded circular saw can be powered from an outlet. It attaches to the body of the saw with a few screws. It is an important detail, damaging which, you will not be able to continue working.

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Make the Right Choice!

Whether you decide to build a house or make a simple renovation, each material requires a special approach. A good circular saw can be an excellent assistant in any tasks that might arise in front of you.

I hope that, after reading this information guide, you will be able to make the best choice for your needs. What do you need a circular saw for? Do you know how to use it? Leave your questions and comments below.

Sean Chapman
Sean Chapman

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