How to Repair Leather Furniture: Helpful Tips

Leather furniture is known to look stylish and pleasant to touch. This material is sturdy, gentle, and delicate at the same time. However, with time, leather becomes prone to cracking, ripping, and even tearing.

Many believe that once the leather furniture gets to this state, it is impossible to repair it. However, there are simple ways to restore the great look of your couch or any other furnishing, and I am not talking about recovering it with new leather. With my extensive experience in home renovations, I know some tips and tricks when it comes to leather furniture repair.

So, if you do not know how to fix ripped leather couch and make it look stunning again, keep reading on. Even if you don’t DIY repairs usually, I recommend you to try the tips provided below, as they don’t require much knowledge and experience in the furnishing renovation. Here, I will be discussing what kinds of damage are possible to repair at home and what tools you need to repair by yourself.

Common Leather Furniture Problems

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If you have been in search of how to repair ripped leather, you have most likely got tons of ads from local leather shops offering to recover your furniture with new leather. This process is costly and, in most cases, avoidable.

More often than not, your leather furniture’s problems only seem massive. In actuality, the damage that was done to the leather, whether cracks, punctures, tears, and so on, is not fundamental. So, it can be easily fixed with the appropriate equipment.

What Is a Leather Repair Kit?

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leather patch kit is a set of specific tools and materials that are designed to mitigate, conceal, and eliminate the damage that the leather received over the years of use or as a result of some accident. You can find a variety of such kits. Some of them are made to tackle all kinds of problems, while others can help to repair only a particular damage type.

Among the items that you should look for when choosing a multi-purpose repair equipment set, are sterile wipes, wiping fabric, sandpaper, adhesive, parts of leather, paint, dye, leather oil, sponge, mixing accessories, and brushes. All of the mentioned tools can be provided in differing numbers and combinations. When picking a leather repair set, make sure to match things like paint, dye, and leather pieces with your furniture. Otherwise, buying the repair kit will be a complete waste of your money.

I want to note that such equipment won’t make the leather on your furniture look brand new. The set can only help to hide the damage perfectly, be it via paint or a leather piece. Additionally, not all leather repair sets are great, so make sure to buy tools only from well-known companies and check customer reviews.

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Repairing Leather Furniture Punctures

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This type of damage can easily occur even when you are not doing anything but sitting on your leather furniture. The thing is, even a sharp part of your clothes can puncture the leather. Give it enough time, and the hole will become bigger, leading to an ugly look of your furnishing.

Here is how to fix large hole in leather couch or any other leather furniture. Go for a leather repair set with tint. Mix it according to the instruction to get the color of your furniture and apply it layer after layer over the hole. Then, use a heating appliance with a piece of grain paper above the repaired area, smoothing and strengthening the patch.

Leather Furniture Repair of Minor Scratches

This type of damage is most common with leather couches and chairs. Scratches are typical for these furnishings, especially true if you have a child or a pet at home. Fortunately, there is a simple way to conceal such damage.

If you have been wondering how to repair cat scratches on leather furniture, here are my tips. Apply white vinegar on the scratches, swelling the damaged areas, and rub the repairing polish. For long and deep scratches, use the dye that comes in the leather repair set.

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Ripped Leather Restoration

Although leather is the type of material that is pretty great at withstanding wear and tear, it still can rip. For example, if you drop a heavy box on your leather couch, it may result in a gaping hole in the middle of your furniture. If it happens, do not worry, as even such damage can be repaired at home.

Here are my expert recommendations on repairing leather couch and other similar furnishings. Firstly, you have to purchase a leather filler that matches your furniture. Then, put it inside the ripped hole and spread it evenly and nicely. After that, perform the same steps as with punctures, including applying the tint and using the heating appliance with the grain paper.

The FAQ on Leather Upholstery Repair

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Let’s move from the main types of leather conservation and restoration to the most frequent questions that are asked on the web. I see these questions pop up regularly, and I want to answer them here so that you could have all the necessary information stored in one place.

How to Prevent Leather from Cracking?

I recommend cleaning leather furniture three or four times each year. Also, after cleaning, coat furnishings with a protecting solution. This way, you will minimize the amount of dirt and human oil on the leather that seep into the material and create cracks.

What Makes the Leather Crack?

As mentioned above, dirt and human oil cause the leather to crack. Apart from that, extremely dry air and low humidity can dry out the leather completely, and the cracks will be impossible to prevent.

Does Real Leather Peel?

Yes and no. Mostly, it is not the leather itself getting cracks but rather the finish or sealant on top of it. The finish can come off easily if it is dried out.

Will Genuine Leather Last Longer than Other Leather?

Genuine leather refers not only to the fact that the product is made of real leather, but it also specifies the level of leather quality. Genuine leather is the worst quality of real leather that you can get, as it is made of pieces glued together and painted to look like one. Thus, genuine leather deteriorates quite quickly.

Final Tips

I hope that after reading this article, you have learned a lot about how to deal with leather cracks and take care of your furnishings to prevent them. I have examined several ways on how to solve various problems with leather furniture, including tips on how to repair ripped leather.

Now, leather furniture repair should not be an impossible task for you at all. With the correct tools, you can go for fixing leather couch, sofa, chair, among others.

Was this article helpful in fixing your leather furniture, or are you only just thinking about repairing your furnishings? Please share your experiences with me in the comments section down below.

Sean Chapman
Sean Chapman

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  1. Thanks for the advice, I have bought leather dye and my settee has come like new but it is coming off on to cloths. Is there something else I should have done after buffing it when it was dry, thanks.

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