How to Unlock Miter Saw without a Problem

Learning how to unlock a miter saw properly can not only save your time but protect you from some dangerous mistakes. Since miter saw requires your entire attention while you are working, prepare to be extra cautious while you are unlocking it.

The blade of this tool can easily cut through wood and metal, you don’t want to risk your own hands. Before you start, you need to read the manual on how to open a miter saw that comes with the tool or read this one which is universal for every brand.

Follow these step-by-step instructions I have made for you.

How to Unlock Miter Saw?
To unlock a miter saw, start by opening the blade guard all the way. Then, locate the blade lock lever, which is usually located behind the blade. Once you’ve found the blade lock lever, push it down to unlock the blade. Finally, close the blade guard and you’re ready to start cutting.

Process of Miter Saw Unlocking

To deal with the miter saw locked-down position, learn the tips in this article. You will have to follow simple recommendations and first unlock the head of the saw, put down its handle, release the lock, and move the blade.

For the guide rail unlocking, you have to press the button on the end of the lever and adjust the angle.

mens Unlock green Miter Saw

Miter Saw Unlocking 101

A miter saw is a tool you might need for your work or hobby. If you don’t know how to use a recently purchased item, it is better to take time and learn the details.

Since this is a powerful tool, you have to learn the basic safety rules before you plug it into the socket. Without locking it in the right position, a miter saw won’t rotate.

What is a miter saw and how to unlock it?

A miter saw is a powerful tool that is perfect for cutting wood, soft metals, plastics, and masonry. The machine is simple to use, and you might need it to improve or fix problems in the household. This tool is widely used to create angled cuts. A miter saw is made of a circular saw and a board called a fence.

Since the tool consists of several parts, you have to adjust their positions to unlock a miter saw. Although the process is quite understandable, you have to keep in mind the safety measures and hold your fingers far from the sharp blade. When you don’t use the tool, lock its head and rail.

Briefly about the unlocking process

Yellow DeWalt Miter Saw

The whole process does not take much time. Before you do anything, make sure that the tool is off. If the miter saw is stuck in the down position, you have to release it and put it into the basic position. Lock it every time you finish the job just for safety. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Release the head of the saw with the lock pin. You can find it under the handle. The first thing you have to do is to put the handle up at the saw’s top. Now put the handle down so that the rail can connect the saw head. There is a pin on the rail. Most brands have the same lock pin.
  2. Push the handle down to 2-3 inches, and fixate this position with your hand. While holding the handle, you can slightly press the saw down. The blade must be down to unlock the tool.
  3. The pin must be pulled out up to 2 inches. While you are still holding the handle down, take the pin in another hand and pull it away. Don’t rush. You have to take it away from the rail as far as it naturally goes, which is usually up to 2 inches, no matter the developer. Now you can remove your hand from the pin. The saw is unlocked, so you can move the blade. You have to make sure whether the miter saw is stuck in the up position. Pay attention to the following: when the pin doesn’t stick out, the saw is locked. Check the pin before you do anything else.
  4. Once you need to lock the tool again, all you need to do is to insert the pin in. You have to push down the handle until you see the blade in its longest position. Put the pin back on the rail. This is how you secure the whole blade. To make sure that the instrument is locked, you need to pull the handle up with the pin pushed inside. The handle must not move when it is locked.

Quick tips and tricks

Mens unlock Miter Saw

Learn a few easy tricks to become more skillful with your miter saw. While you are working with this machine, don’t neglect the basic safety rules to avoid getting injured or breaking the tool. Follow these tips:

  • Don’t forget about the safety equipment no matter what you do. Buy everything in advance. You will need gloves, goggles, and ear protection (optionally). The machine must be disconnected from the power outlet every time you want to change the angle or lock/unlock it. The majority of users get hurt while providing minor improvements, fixing the angle, or changing the wood location. They underestimate the danger;
  • To keep your miter saw blade sharp, no matter whether it is DeWalt or any other brand, always clean it after work. Without this procedure, it might influence the quality of work, and you will need to change it, believing it is dull. You have to clean it only when the machine is off. You can also buy an industrial vacuum to clean the saw from the wooden or metal chips. Always keep it in the holder and make sure there is no moisture near the blade since it can get covered with rust;
  • If you have a sliding saw of a compound type, you can easily adjust the angle with the help of the knob at the base of the instrument. You will find it under the handle, attached to the screw. Put the knob in one hand and the handle in another. To change the angle, turn the knob anticlockwise. This movement loosens the bevel so that you can choose the angle you need. After you do it, bring back the knob by turning it clockwise.

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Managing Your Miter Saw Like a Pro

Unlocking a miter saw is probably the first thing you have to learn to do after purchasing it. It does not take much time; however, you need to be cautious about your safety and remember to lock the tool once you need it.

Use my guide to adjust and move the miter saw up to your needs. Don’t neglect the safety rules while you are working.

If your model is slightly different and does not suit my description, you can find everything you need in the manual. If you know more tips and tricks on unlocking and adjusting a miter saw, please, share them with us in the comments below. Tell us, how long does it take for you to unlock the tool?

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Sean Chapman

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