How Long Does It Take to Charge a Car Battery with a 12-Volt Charger?

If you have been wondering how to charge a completely dead car battery, then this article will help you. I have worked with cars for many years, and I know almost everything regarding questions like how to recharge a car battery. There are plenty of options for diverse battery chargers available on the market. Down below, you will get to know about charging a car battery with different amperage and the time needed in each case.

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Besides, I have provided the list of the best chargers for transportation that you can consider purchasing with their main pros and cons. Let’s get started to find out more.

How to charge a car battery, and how will it take with different amperage? You will find the answer below.

What Time Is Required to Charge Transportation at 40 Amperes?

This power is more than enough to recharge a car battery very quickly. By using 40 amperes, you will be able to start your automobile within a few minutes, even if the battery was completely dead before. There are plenty of options available so that it will be suitable even on the road. In case you need to charge a battery fast and jump start it, this amperage will suffice. However, you have to be attentive not to overcharge your transportation. Otherwise, it can seriously damage the battery, so don’t leave it connected for a long time or use a smart charger that will reduce the amperage.

What Time Is Required to Charge Transportation at 2 Amperes?

With this amperage, it will require more time to charge a battery. 24 hours is the average time required to charge a battery fully. How come? It’s worth mentioning that the majority of batteries are 48 amperes, and it takes approximately one-ampere charge per hour. Respectively, with this amperage, you will get a full battery only in one whole day. Often, this amperage is used if you want to maintain your battery at some level.

It won’t be suitable to jump-start transportation or recharge it fast. In case you don’t use your transportation often, you can use this power and leave the charger connected.

What Time Is Required to Charge Transportation at 4 Amperes?

As I have already written above, your battery will charge at 1 ampere per hour and, respectively, with this amount, you will be able to charge your auto or motorcycle in approximately 12 hours. This power is still quite low and won’t be suitable for a quick charge. Nevertheless, it’s completely perfect for motorbikes or other smaller batteries.

Choose this option if you want to maintain your battery or when you are ready to charge at a low amperage for a long period. Once again, it will be suitable for those who don’t use transportation very often.

What Time Is Required to Charge Transportation with a Trickle Charger?

trickle charger works at 2 amperes, and it will take too much time to charge an automobile. The whole day is estimated time for recharging a transportation battery. In case it’s completely dead, more time may be required. This type is used mostly to maintain a certain level of charge on a battery to make sure it won’t run out. The system will automatically switch it off once a battery is full. In most cases, trickle chargers are used by professionals in a workshop to perform some mechanic works.

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Battery Charger for Car Reviews

I have decided to review car battery chargers to help you figure out which one is the best on the market.

1. DBPOWER 600A Peak 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter – Outstanding Car Battery Charger

If you want the purchase to charge a car battery, then you should consider this great product. This portable battery charger for a car is a powerful and effective item that can jump-start your automobile. Stop thinking about how to charge a car battery with another car. Just buy this charger to make sure you are always in control of a situation.


  • Portability
  • A diverse set of functions
  • Jump starter
  • Durable protection clamps

Could be better:

  • Expensive model

2. Battery Tender 12 Volt Junior – One of the Best Car Battery Chargers

What can charge the battery in a car better than this Battery Tender Junior Charger 12 volt Black? Nothing. This 12v battery car charger is so lightweight and small that it can charge an auto or a motorcycle fully fast at the same time. You will never overcharge your portage, and with 12 volt Battery Tender, you will have your transportation always ready for a ride. However, this item will not be perfect if you use your automobile or motorcycle regularly.

Battery Tender Junior


  • Excellent price
  • Lightweight
  • Compact size

Could be better:

  • Not suitable for everyday use

3. Schumacher SC1358 6/12V – the Best Car Battery Charge For a Fast Charging

If you want to know how to charge a car battery without another car, then the answer is simple. Just get this automobile battery charger. This one is a great option as it charges fast and maintains the most appropriate level of a battery charge. It will be a match for any battery type and special technologies applied to allow you to extend the overall battery life cycle.


  • Powerful charger
  • Extends battery life
  • Meets all standards
  • Suitable for all batteries

Could be better:

  • Pricey
  • Quite heavy

 Final Thoughts


The time required to recharge your automobile can vary depending on the amperage of the battery as well as the amperage of a charger you use. Choose the best car battery portable charger that will be a perfect match for your automobile from the list above. They work pretty fast, so you will be able to hit the road in just a few hours. Of course, you can get another model such as Black Decker bm3b or another charger, but these three are the best on the market.

Choosing a quality portable battery charger for a car can be quite a challenge, but with this list, it will be much easier for you. Now, I would love to hear from you. What portable car battery charger do you use, and do you like it or not? What product from the list you would like to try out? Leave your comments below.

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