7 Best Chainsaw Gloves to Buy in 2024

Safety during working with chainsaws is critical. One wrong move may lead to terrible consequences ranging from small cuts to lethal outcomes. High-quality gloves may save your health and money, so leading woodworkers highly recommend their use. There are dozens of different glove models from several manufacturers available.

This article will help you to choose the best chainsaw gloves for particular purposes and the best price.

Top 7 Best Chainsaw Gloves

  1. Youngstown Glove FR Lined with Kevlar — Top Peak
  2. Vgo GA8912 — Great Value
  3. Youngstown Glove Titan XT Lined with Kevlar — Premium Peak
  4. Husqvarna 579380212
  5. Mechanix Wear: DuraHide FastFit
  6. Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L
  7. HandLandy Heavy Duty Work

1. Youngstown FR — Best Gloves For Chainsaw

First and the best gloves from the famous domestic manufacturer are highly rated by many experts. I’ve been using these gloves for more than a year already, and I have a good impression of them. First of all, the company managed to combine comfort and safety. Hands sweat relatively not much in them, and the protection level is high: I had an accident with a miter saw half a year ago when I nearly cut off my big finger while working with a piece of dimensional lumber. Fortunately, 2-layer leather lined with kevlar managed to stop the blade, and I escaped with slight shock. Even more, I continued to use the same gloves for some time because they were not so damaged.

I would recommend you buy these gloves for working with all types of saws despite a relatively high price. It’s a versatile flame and cut-resistant choice for experienced carpenters. However, it’s not suitable for electricians.

  • Comfort;
  • Good protection;
  • Kevlar lining;
  • Flame resistant.
  • Higher price;
  • No voltage or shock protection.
  • Higher price;
  • No voltage or shock protection.

2. Vgo Chainsaw Safety Gloves GA8912 — Great Value

It’s a good quality product from a manufacturer with huge experience in producing gloves. It’s designed especially for comfortable and safe logging using a chainsaw. Special PVC patches in particular places provide higher durability and more protection in some most vulnerable to chainsaw parts of your arm. I used to have these gloves and was satisfied with them, especially when working with a chainsaw. They’re pretty comfortable and safe. The lack of kevlar lining is replaced by 12-layer UHMWPE (very durable polyethylene).

The model is perfectly suitable for those working with a chainsaw all day. It’s a bit of a tiny-specialized product, so the comfort while using it for other purposes is lower.

  • Good price;
  • Specially designed for use with a chainsaw;
  • Good protection.
  • No special protection features;
  • No kevlar lining.

3. Youngstown Chain Saw Gloves Titan XT — Premium Peak

Another model from Youngstown distinguishes itself from the analogs by upgraded smash protection. My friend-builder has already had 3 pairs of gloves and has a couple of reasons to choose this model. First of all, he often deals with not only saws but with heavy items like bricks or pipes, and Titan XT provides not only kevlar cut protection but also smash protection. Also, it has anti-vibration rubber patches, which are essential for your health when constantly working with the instruments like chainsaws or drills.

It’s a perfect solution for those who want to protect their hands from heavy objects and have good cut protection.

  • Good price;
  • Smash protection;
  • Kevlar lining;
  • Impact resistance.
Could be better:
  • Designed not, especially for cut protection;
  • A bit warm.

4. Husqvarna Functional Chainsaw Protection Gloves

The model presented by Swedish manufacturer Husqvarna is designed especially for stopping the blade or chain from cutting off your fingers. I used to have these ones, and their main advantages are their comfort and good price. Cut resistant patches are sewn on particular parts of the hand. The leather coating is not made on the whole area of the product. This solution provides better ventilation but decreases safety.

The model is worth buying at a reasonable price and constructed for logging purposes, gaining great popularity among amateur carpenters.

  • Nice price;
  • Designed especially for logging;
  • Very comfortable.
Could be better:
  • No additional features;
  • It’s less safe;
  • No kevlar lining.

5. Mechanix Wear Leather Chainsaw Proof Gloves

Nice leather gloves from the big military-aimed company provide upgraded durability. My colleague-lumberjack used to have these gloves. He was working in extreme conditions then, so he needed gloves with abrasion resistance. The model justified all his hopes, so I’d recommend it for buying for loggers.

Gloves were designed to be used in extreme conditions. DuraHide FastFit is usually used by professional builders and loggers daily on a mill or building site, and its upgraded durability won the heart of thousands of carpenters.

  • Abrasion resistance;
  • Good price;
  • Good cut resistance.
Could be better:
  • No additional features;
  • A bit warm.

6. Youngstown Chainsaw Protective Gloves

It’s a younger version of my top peak, Youngstown FR, which is twice as cheap but provides pretty the same level of cut resistance. Thanks to the kevlar lining, it’s highly resistant to chainsaws and other saw types. I used to have it in my early years as a carpenter, and I was satisfied with it — the best choice for beginners and amateur carpenters.

This model has been produced since 2003, and it’s still highly used by professionals. I hardly recommend these gloves for amateur woodworkers because of their simplicity and reliability.

Frankly speaking, Youngstown is my favorite manufacturer.

  • Good price;
  • Kevlar lining;
  • Very comfortable.
Could be better:
  • No additional features.

7. HandLandy Heavy Duty Chainsaw Gloves

These are cheap good-quality gloves for a reasonable price. My friend used to have it, saying it’s pretty comfortable and stylish. However, the material (rubber) is inferior to other more expensive models in its durability and cut protection. I’d recommend it for beginners and easy work with chainsaws.

The best low-budget option. Other models with kevlar linings, 3-layer leather, etc. are obviously better, but the price is also reasonably higher.

  • Low price;
  • Good coloring;
  • Good comfort;
  • Normal protection.
Could be better:
  • The whole quality of the product is lower than the quality of competitors.

Choosing The Best Option by Yourself

Models from my list may not be presented in your local supermarket or be not available in the internet shop. So you should know what characteristics are essential when choosing the best gloves for your purposes.

What are chainsaw gloves?

Chainsaw gloves save your hands and health from trouble. Many manufacturers provide the best type of gloves for particular problems — from cut protection to fire resistance. Most of these have a leather layer that stops a blade or chain, but every company adds some extra modifications depending on the purposes of use.

For example, Youngstown has a wide range of models with kevlar lining providing better cut resistance and increased durability. Models lined with rubber are also available on the market: They’re intended to save our hands from high-voltage electricity. Builders prefer models with additional impact resistance and loggers with increased comfort while using a chainsaw.

Chainsaw Gloves And Chainsaw

Should you wear gloves when using a chainsaw?

I hardly recommend you to wear at least basic gloves – even a thin layer of cotton stops sawdust. Working without any kind of specialized gear may lead not only to sudden traumatic injuries but also to chronic diseases from long-term chainsaw use (more than 10 years), such as vibration syndrome or hand-tunnel syndrome.

Logging is one of the most dangerous and difficult jobs in this field. It is largely because workers should use pretty dangerous tools, such as chainsaws.

In addition, the environment poses other risks making the profession of logger even more dangerous:

  • Hefty trees that may fall right on your hands;
  • Bad weather, rain, wind;
  • Sawdust;
  • Severe cold, etc.

Not talking about health, working with chainsaws in gloves is more comfortable – at least, they will spare you from blisters on your hands. You should remember that gloves are only part of a complete protective costume for loggers, usually including a jumpsuit, hard hat, and special boots with metal plasticine inside. Every logger should have at least these protective clothes to guarantee safety during working.

Single Glove

Chainsaw glove materials

Good-quality models are usually made of cotton, including leather and kevlar patches. Some more expensive models, like Youngstown FR, are fully made of 2-layer leather and lined with kevlar, providing good cut protection and fire resistance.
The options with smash protection are equipped with rubber patches on fingers and wrist. The same material is used to provide increased high-voltage protection for electricians.

How do chainsaw gloves protect your hands?

Leather patches, kevlar, or cotton don’t stop a chain directly, but the protection principle is quite simple. There are long free-hanging synthetic fibers in the form of noodles, attached only at the top, waist, and bottom. The chain wraps a fiber around the guide bar and drives the sprocket, causing a chainsaw to stop instantly. The chain usually spins at speeds from 6000 to 12000 RPM. However, this method is so effective that the saw jams in a fraction of a second, so nobody gets injured.

The same principle is used in cut-resistant trousers and costumes. Surely, such a method may damage your chainsaw, but health is more important than a piece of metal.

The protection gear may save you from sawdust and falling logs: Special smash-resistant models are designed precisely for these purposes.

Detailed Pic Of Chainsaw Gloves


If you still have some questions about the products mentioned above, I’ve arranged a list of the most common and frequently asked questions about today’s topic:

Should you wear gloves when using a chainsaw?

Yes, you should. I hardly recommend wearing special gear to protect your health from chronic diseases and your hands from blisters and cuts. You shouldn’t neglect the safety rules, because previous carpenters wrote these ones.

What gloves are good for woodworking?

Everything depends on your needs. If you work with wood all day long, you should take a model with increased durability and a higher level of protection. Still, if you do it occasionally, some cheaper solutions are acceptable.

Will kevlar stop a chainsaw?

Kevlar doesn’t stop a chain directly. The chain wraps kevlar’s fiber around the guide bar and drives the sprocket, stopping the engine’s rotation. It happens instantly, in a fraction of a second, so nobody gets harmed.

What is the most popular model of protective gloves?

In my opinion, Youngstown 05-3080-70-L is the most popular and legendary model among amateurs and professional carpenters. It has been produced since 2003, and the manufacturer still hasn’t stopped its production! A classic and reliable choice for a carpenter with non-standard working conditions.

So, What Gloves Should I Take?

Youngstown FR is the best chainsaw protective gloves in all terms, except price. Vgo GA8912 is the best for comfortable everyday logging; a builder should choose Youngstown Gloves Titan XT with smash protection feature, and if you’re a complete beginner, HandLandy Heavy Duty will be the right choice. Personally, I prefer buying Youngstone gear because of its reliability and comfort.
What manufacturer do you prefer? Why? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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