Best Chainsaw Sharpeners: Comprehensive Review

Chain saw sharpening is an activity that you cannot avoid working with this tool, and a dull chainsaw can easily injure you. Thus, some people prefer to get the services of a professional sharpener, but it becomes expensive in the long run.

Doing the work yourself means that you save both time and money, you can sharpen the tool at any time, and achieve the results you desire. For instance, you can conveniently use the portable sharpeners when your chainsaw gets dull while you are working on your project. Thus, you do not have to interrupt your work.

Excellent results can only be achieved when you use the best chainsaw sharpeners. Selecting what to purchase is not something that can be easy when you are an amateur in this field. That is where I come in. With my 10-year experience in this sphere, I can distinguish what can work perfectly for you from what cannot.

Reviews of 7 Top Chainsaw Sharpeners Available

Are you searching for a chainsaw sharpening tool to purchase? Below is a review of the best models, their features, minor cons, and significant pros:

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Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener – The Best Chainsaw Sharpener Overall

Want a sharpener that you can move around with and use when you are going to another location with your chainsaw? This brand is the ideal one for you. It only weighs 1.2 pounds. That makes it a light tool. The portability of this sharpener is increased by the fact that it comes with a travel case.

If you are an experienced user, it only takes a few minutes to achieve the sharpening results you need. That means you save time. For the inexperienced, you only need to use it for a few days, and you are good to go. 

Using this product is easy. Moreover, you can use the demo videos provided by the manufacturer, Timberline. The product files the chainsaw teeth evenly.

As you sharpen, only tiny materials are taken from the sharpener and the chainsaw. That way, you do not have to purchase a sharpener or the chainsaw frequently. Therefore, you save money. This makes it the best chainsaw sharpening tool that you can purchase today.

When you buy it, you get files of different sizes. The advantage here is that you can use the sharpener for different chainsaws. The durability of this product is enhanced by the cat that it is made from aluminum. 

Timberline has confidence in this product. That is why it gives the buyers a lifetime warranty with the purchase of this item.

  • It is light which makes it portable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Convenient usage even if you are a beginner
  • The aluminum material makes it durable
Could be better:
  • A bit expensive
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Stihl 2 In 1 – Best Chainsaw Sharpener for the Money

If you are looking for effectiveness when it comes to chainsaw sharpening, this is the tool you should purchase. When you become accustomed to using this product, you can sharpen the chainsaw within a few minutes. Consequently, you end up saving a lot of time. Additionally, it ensures you can properly file the rakers and excellently the teeth that are used for cutting in your chainsaw. 

Are you inexperienced when it comes to chainsaw sharpening? This is the best chainsaw chain sharpener for you. You only need a few days to learn how it works. Within a few trials, you are good to go. You can now sharpen your chainsaws in minutes and achieve excellent results. However, experienced people can also use it and have an easy time sharpening their chainsaws.

The sharpener is also small. The compactness means that you can go with it to your work location. Therefore, you can increase the sharpness of the blades as you continue working. In simple terms, you achieve convenience by using this sharpener.

It comes with files of different sizes. That makes it ideal for sharpening different chainsaws. By purchasing this sharpener, you take care of all your chainsaw sharpening needs. 

Moreover, the product`s design is great, and it is sturdily constructed. That ensures its durability and increases its effectiveness. Purchasing this item is a decision you can never regret at a personal level.

  • The sharpener can work on any chainsaw brand
  • It is easy to use
  • It is sturdy and has a good design
  • Effectively sharpens the gauge and teeth
Could be better:
  • The inexperienced people can find it a bit difficult to use at first.
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Oregon 410-120: The Best Chainsaw Grinder

The design of Oregon 410-120 means that you can either mount it on a wall or a workshop bench. You can choose the place that suits you. In the end, your sharpening task is made easy by this product. Although the tool is not portable, it sharpens fast, and you can easily use it. Therefore, it is not an investment that you can regret.

With an electric power consumption of 140 watts and 1.2 Amperes, you do not have to worry about the electricity bill. It is an economic tool to sharpen a chainsaw. However, its 3,500rpm run ensures it is effective in sharpening.

When using this chainsaw sharpener, your safety is assured. This is because there are a safety shield and an in-built light. There is a chain vise which ensures the chain is at a central position. Therefore, there is no need to keep making adjustments. A strategically placed wear indicator tells you when there is a need to change the grinding wheel. 

What are the accessories you get when you purchase this product? You get 3 grinding wheels with dimensions of 5-3/4”, a perfect dressing block, and contour tool. That means you can keep the grinding wheels in top shape as you use the sharpener. 

Installation of the sharpener is made easy by the fact that it comes with an instruction manual. You should not fear to purchase it even if you are inexperienced in using these products. In case you are stuck, there are demo videos online to check.

If you intend to engage in heavy-duty sharpening, the Oregon 520-120 model can help. It uses 300 Watts and 4.3Amps. This professional chainsaw sharpener also has an in-built light feature. Both products are chainsaw sharpening tools that you should not overlook.

  • It can sharpen any type of chainsaw
  • Effective because of the 3,500RPM sharpening speed
  • It is a durable product
Could be better:
  • It won't work during power outages
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Katzco Chainsaw Sharpener: The Best Chainsaw Sharpening Kit

Chainsaw users who need a sharpening kit that they can use from any place should definitely check out the Katzco Chainsaw Sharpener. It is purchased with 4 sharpening files, which makes it usable for any chainsaw type. The convenience you experience is that you can use the product from any location due to its portability. Moreover, you purchase it with a pouch where you can comfortably carry the filing accessories.

The files come in different shapes and sizes. You get a flat one and three cylindrical files with different dimensions including 5/32”, 3/16”, and 7/32”. The chainsaw also comes with a handle made of hardwood. This can be used with any of the files. When you purchase the kit, ensure you confirm that all the accessories are available.

The materials used to make these files are of high quality. Therefore, you can use them for a long time without a need to purchase another sharpener. Therefore, you are sure of saving your money and time as you do not need to purchase these sharpeners frequently.

Are you worried about the longevity of your chainsaw being affected by the sharpener you use? This sharpener only takes little materials from the chainsaw during the sharpening process. Therefore, you are assured of using your chainsaw for long. This product contains some of the best chainsaw files.

Those who are inexperienced in using the chainsaw sharpeners do not have to worry. The wooden handle makes the product easy to grip. It also comes with an operation guide to help you understand what to do. This is a great sharpening kit for the novices as well as the veterans.

  • It is a durable product
  • It works effectively
  • It can be used to sharpen any chainsaw
  • You get four different files when you buy it
Could be better:
  • Needs some practice to get used to.
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Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw Sharpener

This equipment has been in existence for the past 35 years. There have been adjustments to the design over this period. Nonetheless, the effectiveness of this tool has remained magnificent. Most people prefer it to modern brands.

It is made of steel that has been plated with aluminum and zinc. This material makes it effective in sharpening chainsaws. Therefore, you can be sure that you are getting the best value for money when you purchase this product. Moreover, it is durable. You can use the item for years without the need to buy another. Consequently, you save money and time.

Another feature that makes this sharpener loved by people is its versatility. It can excellently sharpen any type of chainsaw. That means there is no reason to buy another item just because you have two or more chainsaws.

You do not need to be experienced in the use of these products to receive the best results from this particular one. If you set it up appropriately, you will obtain the result you need. This is despite the fact it is a manual sharpener. The results are good to the maximum extent that you can get from an electric sharpener.

You can set it up as you want. To put it simply, you can adjust the length, height, and increase your level of precision when it comes to sharpening. That is a characteristic that you can only find in top-notch chainsaw blade sharpeners.

  • The chain sharpener is easy to use
  • It is made from durable materials
  • It can be used to sharpen any chainsaw type
Could be better:
  • The screw clamp may loosen at times
  • The product does not come with files
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Buffalo Tools ECSS – Great Electric Chainsaw Sharpener That Is Easy to Use

For those searching for an effective and affordable electric sharpener that is available on the market, this brand can adequately serve your needs. When you purchase it, you can be certain of getting the value you have been searching for. 

Are you worried about where you can mount it? That should not be your concern anymore. Mounting can be done on stable walls, vises, or benches. You are the one to choose what is convenient for you. In these places, the sharpener is stable.

Since it is adjustable, you can conveniently use it to sharpen any chainsaw type. That means purchasing it saves you from the worries regarding the type of chainsaw you have. Most electric chainsaw sharpener reviews give this tool a nod. With the 4,500 RPM, the power helps you maintain the blades in a perfect condition.

This is a product that you can conveniently and regularly use at home. The comfort is enhanced by the fact that it uses the normal mains power within the home environment.

The makers of this product are confident about its abilities and durability. That is why you purchase it with a 90-day warranty. Therefore, you can comfortably buy it, knowing that you can safely use the item.

The effectiveness of the sharpener is not questionable either. It is known to do its work well. That means you get prominent value.

  • Available at a fair price
  • Easy to use when you understand its operations
  • It works effectively
Could be better:
  • Some people doubt it because of the plastic parts.
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Pferd 17301Pferd Cs-X Manual Chainsaw Sharpener

This is a product that you should not miss among your accessories if you own a chainsaw and want to keep it ready for work at all times. Made by German manufacturers, it is trusted by the users because of its effectiveness. 

The product is meant for tough sharpening. Even with that, you still have the surety that the item will last for long. It can serve you regardless of how regularly you use it.

17301Pferd is a manual sharpener and is budget-friendly. The fair price makes it the chainsaw sharpener that most people prefer instead of the more complex tools. However, it is effective in performing its functions. There is no need for any source of power to use it. Remember that manual sharpening is economical not only in terms of buying the equipment, but it also goes easy on the material. Therefore, it enhances the durability and use of the chainsaw.

This product is made from a high-quality plastic material. That means you can use it for a long time without the need to purchase any other sharpener. In the process, you save money. You also feel the convenience when you have it.

Even if you are inexperienced with these products, you can use it effectively. It is easy to change the direction of the tooth. You do that by turning this device. Therefore, you should not fear to purchase the product because you are a novice.

It is easy to change files as you use the sharpener. That means you can conveniently use the sharpener for any chainsaw type you have. You have the option of choosing either the round or gauge file.

  • The product is affordable
  • It is constructed with a high-quality plastic material
  • It is portable
  • It makes your chainsaw more durable
Could be better:
  • It may not be effective when put to heavy-duty use
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How Should You Choose the Best Chainsaw Sharpener?

person is sharpening a chainsaw

Not every chainsaw teeth sharpener can serve its intended purpose. It is upon you to be careful about the tool you purchase. With my experience of using these products, you should not be in a hurry when you need the best one. What are the factors you should assess before making that important purchasing decision?

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The Power Source of the Sharpener

You have the option of choosing a manual or electric sharpener. However, you should be prepared to deal with a few downsides of both types. Although the manual types are less expensive, you have to use a bit more energy to sharpen your saw effectively. On the other hand, electric sharpeners are a bit expensive. However, they sharpen well. 

Most manual sharpeners are portable. Therefore, you can use them from any location. Electric sharpeners can only work in the presence of a power source. Besides, you have to contend with a slight increase in the electricity bill if you use the sharpener frequently.

It is upon you to assess your needs to see what works. In the end, you are the one who is affected by the tool you purchase. The products that are reviewed above are all good for you.

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Performance of the Sharpener

When you examine most of the chainsaw sharpener reviews, most of them obviously agree that the electric sharpeners are more powerful when compared with the manual types. Moreover, they work faster and sharpen more accurately. Therefore, they are the chainsaw sharpeners you should purchase if you need to do high-intensity sharpening. If you are a person who sharpens occasionally, a manual type can serve you well. They are also effective although they do not surpass electric ones.

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The Quality of the Construction

Top chainsaw sharpeners should be made from high-quality materials. When you buy the item of this kind, you are sure to use your sharpener for long. Moreover, such sharpeners work without hitches. 

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Price of the Sharpener

The fact that expensive products are of high-quality does not apply in all situations. As you check the price, you should ensure that the sharpener you choose meets your requirements. You should not invest loads of money only to encounter disappointments from your sharpener. You can check reliable chainsaw teeth sharpener reviews from customers who have used these products before you purchase them. However, I can assure you that the models described above are all good.

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What Are the Questions Customers Have on These Products?

best chainsaw sharpener

Customers usually have a lot of concerns about chainsaw sharpening. Here, I provide responses to two of the most popular questions:

  • How frequently should I sharpen my chainsaw?

If you want to have accurate cuts, your chainsaw has to be sharp. However, the frequency of sharpening varies depending on the materials you cut. If you are a regular cutter of heavy-duty materials, you should sharpen the chainsaw frequently. 

  • Are there safety measures when using these sharpeners?

The blades are usually sharp. If you handle the sharpener carelessly, you can easily cut your hand or experience other fatalities. Therefore, it is important to work on a stable surface and put on the required safety gear. Moreover, ensure you are using a sharpener that is in good condition.

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The Final Words

When your chainsaw has sharp blades, you can safely and effectively cut through a variety of materials. Therefore, a chainsaw sharpener is a device that you cannot do without. However, you should be careful so that you buy the right tool. 

From the chainsaw sharpeners review above, you have noticed that there are a lot of brands that you can select. However, you should base your choice on individual needs. What works for one person may not be attractive to another. Assess the sharpener specifications before your purchase.

One thing that you have to acknowledge is that the chainsaw sharpener models vary. For instance, they use different sources of power and are made from different materials. Their levels of efficiency also differ. With this review, you can distinguish one model from another. Go through it carefully and ensure that you make the best decision. Whichever model you choose from this list, you can be sure that you have a good chainsaw sharpener. Have you used other chainsaw sharpeners before? Which brand do you love among the ones described above? Share your opinions by commenting below.

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